She's Not Afraid

She's so afraid of falling in love.


4. New people

Jadyn's POV

My eye's fluttered open. I looked around at the unfamiliar room. I got up. Then I remebered. I went to Niall's hotel last night and I fell asleep. I looked at my phone. 12 Missed calls. All from Amaya, Clarice, and Ashley. I texted them and told them where I was then I walked down to the kitchen. I jumped when I saw a really pretty girl standing in there cooking eggs. She had brownish/blonde hair with dark brown eyes. "Um, Hi?" I said. "Oh your finally awake!" She said with a thick Scottish accent. "Who are you exactly?" I asked she looked  familiar, I know I have seen her before. "Oh, I'm Kirsti, Louis girlfriend." She said. That's what it was. "Ohhh, I'm Jadyn! Niall's friend." I said. She nods, "I know, Niall told me about you." She said. "Oh" I say. I sit on the counter and she continues cooking. "Do you like eggs?" She asks. "Yep!" I say. She started cooking bacon. Yum. I relised I was still wearing my party dress. "Could you drive me to my house to change?" I ask. "Sure let me finish this." She said.

*My house*

I changed and Kirsti suggested that the girls come to the hotel too. We all got into the small car and went back to the hotel.



Sorry about short chapter! :)


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