She's Not Afraid

She's so afraid of falling in love.


2. Mall

Jadyn's POV

Were going to the mall today!!! Yay! This is what I wore! (Up)

Amaya wore this!

Ash wore this!

Finally, Clare wore this!

We walked around the mall when we saw a cookie store. Clarice starting jumping around like a little kid, "Can we get a cookie? Can we?" "I could use a cookie!" I say. We walked to the store. I got a M&M cookie. Yum! I ate it and we walked around some more. I saw a bunch of girls screaming and circling something, or someone. I could just see the top off there heads. "Lets go see what all the commotion is about!" Amaya says. We walk up and I stood in awe. "Is that-" "ONE DIRECTION!" A screaming girl cuts me off. I start fanning myself. "Oh my gosh!" Sydney says. We somehow got ourself to the front. Niall and I make eye contact. He mouth hi. I mouth hi back. He says something to his security guard. He looks at me and says something to Niall. He nods and grabs my arm lightly and walks with me. Amay, Ash, and Clarice follow close behind. "Mr. Horan wants me to give you this." He says with a thick british accent, handing me a small piece of paper that read, 'Hi, your cute and I'd like to get to know you, here is my number.'. I looked down at the number and started fangirling. I told the girls and we drove back to our house. Holy cow! I looked down at the note again. I smiled wide. I decided to call. It had been an hour and a half so he had probably left the mall by now. After a couple of rings a british accent awnsers. "Hello?" He says. "Um, hi, is Niall there?" I ask. I knew it was Liam, I could tell by his voice. "Um, let me get him." He says. It was quiet for a couple seconds then Niall says, "Hello?". "Hi, I'm Jadyn, the one you gave your number to.." I say. "Oh hey! You are gorgeous!" He says. I start blushing wildly. The girls walk in and I put it on speaker. "I would like to meet you! How about on a date?" He asks. "Um, this is crazy, you don't even know me!" I say. Sydney mouths 'what are you doing'. I roll my eyes playfully. "Mabye we could get to know each other on the date!" He says. "Ok! Where at?" I ask. "Lets go to Marea, it's a great seafood place!" He says. "Ok! See you then!" I say and hang up the phone letting out a huge breath. "Oh my god! Mabye I will meet Zayn!" "I could meet Liam!" "I might meet Harry" Ashley, Amaya, and Clarice say one after the other. 

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