Lizea and Niall are back!!!! And bad things are comming. a big day is ahead but Lizea never shows up! Mick, Lizea moms old boyfrend is the first one that knows shes gone and tells Niall right away! where did Lizea go??? (Yes these is a sequal to "The Fame")


4. Why?/Lizea

When I woke up I was in a small black room, well it seems small I don't really know. I'm changed up to the floor. My hands and legs are bound, too. I'm still in my wedding dress so it's very uncomfortable. I heard some rustling in the distance, not knowing what it is I stayed quite.  

"Your finely up. It took you long enough."

"Who are you? And where am I?" I said trying to match his tone

"For one you don't  NEED to know where you are, two you don't NEED to know who I am." he emphasized the word need

"Ok can I ask why I'm here?"

"Um, yes."

"Ok so why am I here?"

"you're getting marring the rouge why."

"And how am I suppose to get married?"

"Well for one, your friend Mick, not the one that should be walking you down the aisle!" he almost screamed at me then.

"Well who should then?" I almost yelled at him then!

"Your father, That's who!" he screamed then

"My father walked out of me and my mom when I was one years old. I never knew him!"

"Well now you do." he said quietly but harsh at the same time.

The lights came on and I could see what the room was like. It had three glass window, that covered three of the walls, the fourth wall was a light drown color, there was a bed in the middle the fourth wall. One of the glass walls was filled with pictures of me from my first day of school till now. The other two walls reflected the image of the room like a mirror. I'm pretty shore he (who I assume is my father) can look in.

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