Lizea and Niall are back!!!! And bad things are comming. a big day is ahead but Lizea never shows up! Mick, Lizea moms old boyfrend is the first one that knows shes gone and tells Niall right away! where did Lizea go??? (Yes these is a sequal to "The Fame")


1. Love

I walked into the room mouth open, and eyes huge in awe. The room was huge! It had a wall of window, and a balcony! The walls were a medium blue with white swirls all over, the carpet is a tanish, brown color, and really fuzzy. The bed was in the far right corner of the room. There is a walk in closet, and a bathroom, two sinks, a shower, and a bathtub, on the left wall. The desk was by the bed a laptop on it covered in one direction stickers on the lid. There is a side table by the door, that has a picture of Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall and I hugging each other on the first official concert we had together. By the end of the tour that concert was in me and Niall were in love, the last concert of that tour Niall proposed to me, on stage in front of what seemed like all of London! Of course I said yes who wouldn't, that's when the picture was token. The wedding has not come yet of cores it's going to be small closest friends, and family. Mike is the only family I have other than one direction, Mike was suppose to get me, but I decided to go with one direction when my mom died in the car accident, When I fisted met them, and I don't know my dad so I asked Mike to walked me down the aisle, he accepted occurs. (Louis is made I didn't pick him to walk me down the aisle. He said he was going to throw a fit at the wedding, if he didn't get to, so I said id kick him in the balls if he did, even in a dress in front of all the people.) Niall's family is invited, the rest of one direction is invited and their girlfriends, if Harry ever gets a girlfriend anyways.

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