Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


3. The Dako girl

Jc's POV


I walk in to my class after lunch. It was band. Our band teacher always comes late for classes after lunch, so I decided to just listen to my ipod since the bell didn't even ring yet. I sit in the corner where nobody really sits and lean my head against the wall with my earohones in my ear.


Soon this girl named Dakt? Dakot? I don't even know her name... comes over and sits beside me.

"Hey Jc what are you listening to?" she says twirling her hair. I hate that girl. I don't even know her name but I hate her. She has thick coat of makeup on, always tries to act like she's cute, and at last the biggest reason, because Serenaty hates her. (also she's a slut (; )


I pretend that I couldn't here her because of the loud music and I ignore her. Soon enough I feel my letf earphones slipping out of my ear. I turn my head and see that girl holding my earphone smiling. Okay I felt a slight urge to really punch her in the face, but I calmed down and said "What the fu** do you want." I said it in a very simply annoyed way. She seems to get a little bit scared but she doesn't give my earphones back. "I wa-" She tries to say something but I snatch my earphones back and put them back in to my ears. Soon enough i think she got embarrassed because she just went away. 

The bell rang and we had freetime on our instruments so I just played some songs on it.


 Next period was science which I hate the most. So boaring. I don't think anyone loves this class... I just sit there and daydream. Me and Serenaty both take Chemestry, but we are sort of in different groups so we take different classes. The teacher walks in "Okay class now choose a partner for yur project and choose wisely because it will be your partner for the rest of the year!


I sighed then looked around. All my close guy friends have partnered up with a girl... I turn around and this small girl stood there.


"yeah?" I said since she was just staring at me. 


"Wou-WouLd you b-be my partner?" She asked. I chuckled a bit because it was funny how she said it looking down on the floor.


I look around and find that everyone else has a partner. I had no choice. "Okay sure"


for the rest of the hour we disscussed about the project and took notes on the chapters we had to read in our science text book.

"RIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG"the bell rang and I got to 7th period. I took this class together with Serenaty so I look around to find her, then I find her talking with this tall dude. I sort of got mad so I just sat far away from where Serenaty and I usually sit together. Then the Dako girl comes and sits beside me again. I decided to completely ignore her this time.

"Hey Jc" she says

I ignored her and I think she got mad or something. I didn't care so I continiued on ignoring her.

"Now your not hanging out with the mute girl eh? I knew you won't. I can tell that shes using you."

My anger controller just stopped right there. 

"Shut up..." I said quietly.

"What?" she asks confused.

"I said shut up! you don't even know anything you can't talk like that about us! of course a slut like you doesn't know anything! Now like i said, shut up because you have no right to talk about her like that!" I guess I was a little bit too loud because the whole class and he teacher was staring at me. Dako girl was staring at me with wide eyes and Serenaty looked confused and then I saw the boy sitting where I usually sit. I just walked out of class and all the teacher said was "you got detention Jc! stay after school tommorrow!" and continiued on teaching not caring about me.




What do you think? It took alot of my brain to write this. Lol jk. Enjooooooy!

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