Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


9. Stupid, Stupid mistake

That was stupid. I know it was stupid. Did I just tell her that I loved her? After all this time trying to tell her, I could just spit it out that easily? I storm downstairs pull on my jacket and open thne door.


"Jc honey where are you going?" Mom asks.


"Just" I don't say anything more and I get outside in to the pouring rain again. I know I'll get sick in this pouring rain, it's super cold out here, but I just run trying to get everything out of my mind. 


I arrived at a party bar place. I get in even though I'm underaged. Loud music that makes my head boom. 


I sit by the corner drinking. 


"sir are you over 18?" the waiter asked


I just sat there staring at his eyes with an sharp expression and he just walked away with an "sorry"


I drank for about an hour and someone tapped my shoulder.


I looked back and Dako stood there


"Heyy Jccccc" She said with a fake smile on her face. I nearly puked on that shit. Is that a face?


I sighed for a second and something inside me, I don't know what it was gave me a urge to get back at Serenity. How??....


"come on Jc I said hey you could at least say hi too m-" I kissed that shit. Just...that I wanted to get back a her. Why couldn't I? I bet she kissed him, hugged him, and held hands with him.. why can't I. tears rolled down my face even while I was kissing her. We quickly parted when we heared glass breaking.\ and everyone quiet down. Even the music.

<Serenity's POV>


I searched for him everywhere. Everywhere that I can imagine him to be. When he told me he loved me I stood there not understanding what he said but after a while I felt like....I'm not sure. All feelings were mixed together not letting me know exactly what I was feeling. But I knew one thing. I needed to find him. I wanted to find him. After searching everywhere, one place popped in to my mind. Jc told me that sometimes he goes to the pub called..Taco?? Anyways I headed there just in case. The moment I passed through the door, one dude came up to me and passed me the glass of beer he was drinking. He shot me a wink and walked away. "WTH?" I said. Then I saw Jc. Doing what? Kissing Dakota. "Fuck....." I sweared under my breath. First time I ever said that word out. The glass slipped out of my hand and broke in to pieces.



(A/N) I'mm really sorry that I have not been updating for a while.... Sorry.... I'll update often from now! pincky promise!! :))~ Cathy

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