Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


6. Reasons

Hey guys! Cassie here to bring you chapter 7! Sorry Cathy and I haven't been updating, we have been very busy and appreciate if you don't tell us to hurry up or rush please. Anyways, enjoy!

(Seranity's POV)

"Jc!" I scream at him. He flinched."Jc, why would you punch Jared?!" I yell.

"I-I don't know." He says, regret in his eyes. I turn around to Jared and ask if he was okay. He gave me a small smile at me and nodded his head a bit. He looked up to Jc and frowned. I turn around to Jc.

"You-you can't just go around slapping everyone. Unless they're all like Dakota, but does he seriously look like a Dakota. You need to stop doing this Jc!" I yell and jog out of the room. I'm going to go blow off some steam. Luckily no one bothered to follow me.

Later in the day, Jared and I went out to Starbucks. I got a caramel frappuccino, Jared getting a hot chocolate.(A/N I love frappuccinos. :) sometimes my parents will take me out to get some! Yum!)

"So...." Jared tries to start up a conversation."Do you, uh, know why Jc punched me?" He asked. I look at his bruise.

"No. I'm sorry about that though." I say."Are you okay? Uh, your bruise and all." I say. I reach my hand up to turn his head towards me so I can see how much damage Jc did.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He says in a deep voice.

Jared and I decide to hang out at the park. We walked around the lake there and just had fun. He has a good sense of humour. I walk up to the garbage can to throw away my empty Starbucks cup. I turn around to see Jared right in front of me.

"What are you, a weeping angel?" I ask(A/N I believe that's from doctor who, right? Sorry I don't watch that show. I got that from watching the Spooky-Craft series by ImmortalHD). 

"Yup." He says with a wink. That made me giggle and nudge him over. All the sudden I felt a hand on mine. I look over to Jared. He smiles. I smile back and we walk hand in hand, but as friends of course.




(Jc's POV Cathy wanted me to do one! :D)

I go to the park to think about what I did. She seemed pretty pissed though... Maybe I was too harsh to the guy. Great now I feel like an asshole. Yay me.

The next day I saw Seranity and that Jarod guy sitting on a bench at school. Well I need to talk to Seranity and apologize to Jared. I need to tell Seranity my feelings today. I walked over but when I was in ear shot, I heard their discussion. My heart broke into pieces this day. May 3rd, the day my heart was shattered.

"Seranity?" Jarod said.

"Yeah?" She said. She turned her head toward him. He leaned in and kissed her.

"I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. She smiles and nods.

"What the hell?"


Holy stick-o-bob(my bff made that up. XD) what just happened!? Thnx for reading. Cathy and I appreciate it and I hope you guys enjoyed! Please comment and vote! We love feedback!

-XOXO Cass ;)

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