Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


5. It's the Taco again

Jc's Pov

I hugged Serenaty and went home 'cause she looked sort of upset after that witress gave me her number. Even though i ripped it up. 


I open my door and see my dog Wishbone he's a gangster lol. I play with him a little then edit the last video I made with Serenaty and upload it. 


Then I texted Serenaty "u know we have 2 make a vid tmr right?" 


No answer. She probably went to bed she it's late and she always goes to bed early. I jump in to my bed with wishbone but he escaped and I was too lazy to go get him so I just dozed off.


I woke up in the morning and wishbone was laying on my stomache. I gave him food and got ready to go to school I wear a black beanie, plain t shirt, and baggy pants. Too lazy to get dressed up. 


i grab my skateboard and ride on to school. There is Serenaty's house on the way to school from mine. I was skating by and Serenaty came running out with a piece of toast in her mouth and her hair all messy. 


"Hey there pumkin pie! You're going to be late!" I shout as I get farther from her.


I arrive to school and wait for Serenaty 


3 minute left till the bell rings, 2 minute left 'till the bell rings, 1 minute left 'till the bell rings. She finally showed up. 


"Hello there pumkinpie! your not late congratulations!" I say as she breathes in and out hard since she'd been running. 


"J...C!!" She says between her breathes.

I chuckle and drag her in to class.


She didn't sit beside me i guess she's pretending to be mad at me again. I laugh a little bit and go sit beside her. 


"Oh come on pumkinpie! pumkinpies don't get mad!" I say in a whiny voice and let my lower lip out trying to make a puppydog face. 


She saw my face and laughed.


"Haha you laughed!' i say


"come on Jc!" She says


"We have to take a video today you know right???" I say


"Yup saw yur text this morning" She says hoolding up her phone.


"okay so what song today?" I asked


"Best song ever by one direction they just released it" She says putting one earphone in to her ear the other in mine and turned on best song ever.


Maybe it's the way she walks

straight in to my heart and stole it

through the doors and past the gaurds

just like she already owned it

i said can you give it back to me 

she said never in your wildest dreams 

ans we danced all night to the best song ever 

we knew every line now i can't remember

how it goes but i know that i won't forget her

cause we danced all night to the best song ever

i think it went ohohoh

ithink it went yeahyeahyeah

i think it went oh-


I took the earphone out and she did too


"Nice song!" I say sticking up my thumb


"so this song will be okay?" She asks


"Yup" I say.


The period started and i am too lazy to write about it and nobody likes reading about it so skip to lunchhhhhh


Rinnnngggggggggg the bell rang and kids ran towards the cafeteria. I got a hotdog and yogurt.

Seranaty came with her tray and sat infront of me. We were about to eat then Dakota. That bit** popped out out of nowhere and sat down beside me. 


"Wha-wha- what the fu**?" I say moving away from her.


"Hello Mute girl" Dakota said


I looked over at Serenaty. Her eyes. Ice cold. Serenaty grabbbed her tray and walked away. i stood up and was about to go after her whe Dako, no Taco bit** grabbed me. 


"Where you going? I thought you weren't hanging out with that mute girl anymore." she said

again. my anger control was broken.

"LET GO NOW OR ELSE I MIGHT BREAK YOUR ARM" I said i think Taco Bit** got scared a little 'cause she let me go.


I raced out of the Cafeteria look around and spotted Serenaty.....and that tall boy. Serenaty was crying and that boy was hugging her. 


I walked over. 


"Let her go" I said


That boy looked over at me, smiled and didn't let her go.

I smiled too. and gave him a punch





Why did Jc Punch him? why??? all he was doing is trying to make Serenaty stop crying??what do you think???





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