Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


11. It can't be

 'I...It can't be..... but, she was...I thought she was mad at m...'

I quit thinking and started running.

"Ey! Jc! Where ya going?" one of the fellas asked me on the way, but I didn't hear him.

Before I relised, I was standing in front of her door.

I hesitated for a second. Then, I pounded on the door. 

"Seranity! Hey! I'm sorry! Yesterday... I didn't mean to.... Seranity please!"

I sat down leaning against the door.

"Please open the door.... I'm sorry..." I whispered.

A moment later I was about to get up and go, thinking that she might not be home. I was listing all the places she might be. Seranity never skipped school, what had I done to her?

Suddenly, the door opened

"Jc..." she said quietly.

"Seranity!" I turned around and walked colser to her. "Seranity.. yesterday I..."

"Don't come closer!" She said blocking me with her hand

"Seranity...." I murmured in shock

"No.. no Jc it isn't what you're thinking...I... I'm kind of sick and I don't want you catching it too" She said backing away from me.

She's sick? I looked at her closely, her face was red like she had a fever and her hair was all messed up. Even in that moment I was glad that she was caring for me.

"Hey Seranity I'm going to be fine..." I was going to say, but she suddenly collapsed in to my arms.

" Het Seranity! wake up are you alright?" I said. I put my hands on her forhead. It was burning hot. I picked her up and brought her upstairs in to her bedroom.




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