Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


7. Heart Ache

<Jc's POV>

What the hell?


i froze there trying to understand what just happened. I know what just happened. It was my brain that tried to push away the truth. I turn around and walked without thinking. I didn't know where I was going. i just walked. Walked without knowing where to go. No, I couldn't think of where to go. My brain was full thinking of Serenity. What just happened. My brain didn't have any memory left to think about anything else. Suddenly I feel something warm run down my cheek. Tears fell without me noticing. I quickly rub them on my sleeve and continued walking. 


When I stopped and looked up I was here. Infront of Serenity's house. I just stood there trying to figure out what to do next. Then, I saw her. walking hand in hand with that boy. Laughing, smiling, talking. she saw me. Our eyes met, but she quickly turned away.


She Ignored me.


I turn around and walked away. Guessing what that meant. Over? I don't know what could be over? Our friendship? well did we have anything else between us except that? so the relationship between us was something that could be broken up this easily? She could just ignore me? My heart ached. If felt like it was taering up in half. I put my my hand on my left chest and crunched up my clothes. Aching. My heart was acheing so badly.


**next morning**


I walk out of my house. I remember yesterday. How I came back home, from Serenity's house. Ouch. Just thinking about her makes my heart ache. I don't grab my skateboard. I know I'm late already but I just walk. Then it starts to rain.


<Author's POV>

"Sh**" he cursed. not because rain was pouring on him, not because he was going to be soaked. Because he knew Serenity will just run to school without an umbrella or even a hoodie because she is going to be late. He knew because he was always the one who waited infront of her house on a rainy day. He runs back to his house and grabs an umbrella. He sprints to seranity's house with rain pouring on him but he didn't care. He just ran until he could see her house. He eyes his watch. 10 minutes before school starts. Enough time to walk to school from here. A small smile lands on his lips. He knew Serenity will still be running around the house trying to get ready. He knows because he's been friends with her for so long. Then his smile dissappears. "Friend" That word just hurt him too much. He walks over to her porch and leaves the umbrella infront of her door. Then, he starts to run to school and dissapear in to the rain.

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