I Thought You Said Forever *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

This is the story about how Tori found Harry and slowly lost him.


1. Tori Valentine (:

Hey guys! My name is Tori and this is the story of how I met my true love and how I let him slip away from me.
Most of my friends say I'm funny. I'm really athletic and outgoing. My favorite sport is soccer! I've been playing since I was 8. I'm also caring and always there for my friends. My best friend's name is Layla and we've been friends for about 10 years. 
I'm 18 years old and I'm a pop sensation in America but that's pretty much it. 
I coach little kids soccer teams as well when I'm not touring America. 

I live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. I used to live across the street from Harry Styles and we were really good friends, we di basically everything together. Then we both auditioned for X Factor and well.. You'll find out the rest of that story.

As of right now, my favorite song is Dear Darling by Olly Murs.
My favorite food is chips and salsa.
My favorite color is green.

Well that's about it. So bye! (:

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