I Thought You Said Forever *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

This is the story about how Tori found Harry and slowly lost him.


2. The Day I Met Him <3

*Tori's Point of View*
I walked into the restaurant feeling really cold. This is it, I told myself. It's my first job interview. I'm only 15 but I mean how hard could it be to flip patties and run a cash register. "Hi, you must be Tori." A middle age man asked holding his hand out to me. I nodded and shook his hand. He told me to follow him so I did into a back office. "This is my office,  no one is permitted to be in here unless I tell you you're allowed." He said. I nodded. He left the room and went back into the kitchen area He started to show me how everything works. "Wait, does this mean I get the job?" I asked. He smiled "This means you get a trial. We'll get you set up with someone to show you how the cash register works." He said before calling back into the back to a girl named Gemma. She came running up to the front "Hi, I'm Gemma. You must be new." I nodded "Well, I've been here for a couple years so I know how everything works. Come, I'll show you how the cash register works." She said. I followed here up to the front of the restaurant. She started talking about all the buttons but I lost track after the fourth or fifth button because a very attractive boy walked in. He looked about my age. Right before he walked in Gemma walked away so I was left to get this guy his order. I mumbled swear words under my breath as he walked over. "Hi, what can I get you." I asked him politely. He smirked at me. "You must be new here. I'm Gemma's brother Harry. I just needed to talk with her." He said. I nodded "Gemma! Harry's here to see you.!" I called back to the kitchen. I heard her yell back an okay before running up to the counter. "Harry, I told you, you can't visit me at work anymore."  She said. He frowned at her. "Gem, mom wants to know if you're coming straight home or if you're going to a friend's place." He said I smiled at him and he smiled back. Gemma looked back and forth between us. "Oh by the way, this is Tori."  Gemma said winking at Harry. He smiled and held his hand out and I gladly shook it. "Well, if that's all, I gotta go." He said turning. "Wait!" Gemma shouted. He turned back around and looked at her. "Tori's shift is over. Drive her home?"  Gemma asked. I shook my head, "No that's okay, you don't have to." I said pulling out my phone to call my mom. "Oh it's uh, no problem." He said coming back over. I smiled and said thank you then went and told the boss that I was leaving. He nodded and said goodbye. "Ready?" Harry asked when I made my way back up to the front. I nodded and followed him out to his car. "Uh turn left." I said when he pulled up to the exit. "So how old are you Tori?" He asked. "Uh 15. Turn right up here." I said pointing to a strret.
"This is how I get home." Harry said. I looked over at him. "Cool." I said suddenly feeling really awkward. "What school do you go to?" 
"Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School." I said
"That's where I go." He said. 
I went to tell him which street to turn on but he was already on it. I looked at him surprised. "Oh! Sorry. I forgot I was taking you home." He said. I smiled "This is the street I live on." I said. He nodded smiling. "The white house up here on the left." I said pointing. He looked at me then pulled into the driveway. "That's so weird. I live not far from here." He said. I smiled "Then maybe you should drop by sometime." I said winking. He smiled and nodded "Maybe I will." He said. I got out of the car and stood there waiting for him to drive away. I watched as he backed up then backed into the driveway directly across from mine. He got out and smiled at me. "See, told you, not far at all." He yelled across the street. I smiled and turned and walked into the house. "How have I never noticed him before?" I asked myself out loud. "Notice who?" My mom asked. "No one, just a friend." I said smiling.

So how is this chapter? I just started the story but it will get better. (:

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