I Thought You Said Forever *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

This is the story about how Tori found Harry and slowly lost him.


4. Hanging With The Styles' Family <3

*Tori's Point of View*
-3 Years Earlier-
I woke up from my alarm beeping at me. I groaned and sat up reluctantly. "C'mon Tori, it's only your second week of work. You can do this." I told myself. I smiled and walked over to my window, Harry was standing at his just like every morning. We wave at each other then I go to shower and put on my ugly uniform for work. "Tori! Your friend is here!" I heard my mom yell up the stairs. I yelled back okay then finished my makeup and ran down the stairs.  "Hey Tor." He said. I smiled , "Hey Harry." I said. "Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded and we headed out the door. I yelled a goodbye to my mom and ran to the car. "Can I drive today?" I asked Harry pleadingly. "Toriiii, you know you can't drive." He said. "I can too drive! But no one ever lets me!" I said back. He smiled then nodded nervously "you can drive." He said then tossed me the keys. I did a little happy dance before getting in the car. I pulled out of my driveway and started down the road. "What time do you get off work today?" Harry asked suddenly, breaking the silence. "Uh 5 I think, why?" I asked. He nodded then opened his mouth "My mom wants to meet the girl I've been spending all my time with." He said blushing. I smiled "Okay. Pick me up around 5. I'll be there." I said before pulling into the parking lot. "See you later babe. Have fun at work." Harry said. "Thanks." I said leaning over an kissing his cheek.
*Harry's Point of View*
I looked at myself in the mirror. I groaned as My mom came in trying to take pictures. "Mum! You're so embarrassing!" I whined pushing her out. "Harry, the girl isn't even here yet. I just want a picture of you. Getting all dressed up for this girl, what's her name again?" My mom asked. "Tori. Mum, her name is Tori." I said before leaving my room. "I'll be back." I said grabbing my keys. I sat down in my car and looked over my outfit. A blazer and chinos. I decided it was too much since Tori is gonna be in her work uniform. I ran back into my house and threw on some jeans and a t shirt. I ran back to my car and saw I only had 10 minutes until 5. I cursed under my breath and pulled out of my driveway rather quickly. When I finally pulled up to the restaurant it was five after. I got out and speed walked to the door pulling it open to see Tori standing next to a tall jock that I went to school with. I felt a wave of jealously hit me and I marched over there. "Hey Tori. Lets go." I said sharply. She looked up at me confused. "Okay. Bye." She waved goodbye to the kid and followed me. "What was that about?" She asked when we got out to the car. "Nothing. I just, I know him. He's trouble." I said. She nodded and got in the car. 
*Tori's Point of View*
We pulled into the driveway and I almost jumped out of the car. I was so excited. And really happy. I mean anyone that's seen me and Harry together knows I have a secret huge crush on him and now I'm having dinner with his family. I did a little tiny happy dance and Harry walked around to open my door. He held his hand put to me and I gladly accepted. He pulled me up so we were chest to chest I looked up at him as he looked down at me. I cleared my throat and we pulled apart. We both walked awkwardly to the door which his mom swung open before we reached. "You must be Tori!" She squealed throwing her arms around me. I hugged back and said hi. "You're so pretty! Harry was definitely right about that." She said. I blushed like mad and I looked at Harry to see him blushing as well. "C'mon, I'll show you around." Harry said grabbing my hand and pulling me past his mom. "It was nice to meet you." His mom said. "She seems lovely." I said to Harry. He nodded "Yeah when she's not being completely embarrassing." He said blushing. I smiled. "So this is my room. Next door is Gemma's." he said. I nodded going into his room. I looked at his walls, family photos covered them." I smiled at a picture of him and his sister at the beach. He came over and stood by me. "That was for my 16th birthday. Gemma begged my mom to take us to the beach." He explained pointing to the picture. I turned so I was facing him. "Can I admit something?" I asked. He nodded turning so he was facing me. "I was secretly really happy that you invited me over here." I said. He smiled and blushed "Can I admit something?" He asked. I nodded " I spent all day getting ready then ending up changing into jeans and a tee." He said. I giggled. "Can I admit something else?" Harry asked. I nodded once again. "Every time you giggle like that I wanna kiss you so badly." He said smirking. "Can I admit something else?" I asked. Again, Harry nodded. " I would let you kiss me." I said. Harry nodded before pulling me in. "I just have one more thing to admit." He said before he kissed me passionately. He picked me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was holding me under my bum. He carried me over to the bed and sat down. I was still straddling him. We never broke the kiss until his mom called up telling us dinner was ready. We both pulled away reluctantly. "What was that that you wanted to admit?" I asked. "That was the best kiss I've ever had." He said before pecking my lips. "So where does this leave us?" I asked. "Wherever you want us to be." He said before standing and leaving. I sat on his bed smiling and rethinking that event in my head over and over and over.

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