Brown Eyes - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Fanfiction about Zayn Malik from One Direction


1. Night Out At The Club

   I'm standing in the back of the club. The music is playing extremely loud, the people are dancing, and a strong smell of alcohol fills up the whole room. As I walk towards the bar, I spot a cute bartender mixing up beverages. I take a deep breath and slowly start to make my way towards him. I'm halfway there when a pair of strong arms trap my waist. Shortly after, I start to feel his warm breath against my neck. "Hello gorgeous, what is you name?" the figure spoke. I turn around to face him. Frightened, I look up to meet his gaze.  "M-Mariana" I muttered. He smirked and ran his hand through my hair. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. My name is Zayn" he spoke confidently. He had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. They sparkled so brightly while he stared into my light brown orbs. "What are you doing here all by yourself?" Zayn asked. "I-I'm just jus-just about t-to leave" is all I manage to get out of my mouth. He was just so handsome... it was almost breathtaking. He half grinned "Well if that's the case, come with me". He suddenly grabbed my arm  and pulled me out of the club. We got inside his car and drove off to his apartment, which was just a few blocks away. Once we got inside, he led me to his bedroom. "Make yourself comfortable," he said with a wink " I'll be at kitchen, fixing up dinner." 

   One he left, I inspected my surroundings. Wow! This room was absolutely beautiful. I let myself fall onto his bed and I lied there for a few moments.  Suddenly, the strong smell of sweat filled my nostrils. 'Eww! Is that me?' I thought to myself. Quickly I stood up and walked into his huge bathroom. Everything was so clean and shiny. Slowly, I turned on the shower and undressed. I stepped into the warm water and closed my eyes. The sensation of the tiny droplets of water against my bare skin was so relaxing. As I opened my eyes, I noticed the door open.  Zayn stepped in and locked the door behind him. He stripped off all of his clothes, leaving himself completely naked. "Mind if I join?" he asked cheekily. "No, I don't mind" I slowly said, winking at him.

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