Don't Let Me Go

This might just be a one shot... I have no idea.

Just tell me if you want more... I'm not promising anything though :) thanks for reading!!!

I just had MAD feels after listening to Harrys "Dont Let Me Go". Sorry.


1. 1.


(Louis' POV) 

I have been calling Harry all day. I can't believe he would just blow off a rehearsal! Pulling into his driveway I rehearsed my speech in my mind. I shut my car door and used my key to get inside the house was silent. 
"Harry!" I called I heard a crash I ran up the steps 
"Harry!" I yelled I bursted into his room I heard grunting from the bathroom I ran in only to see Harry on his knees blood rushing from his wrist 
"Harry!" I yelled crashing to my knees I grabbed a cloth and pressed it to his wrist I started to panick and breath heavily. Harry leaned against the cupboards. I started to cry. 
Harry put a blood soaked hand on my cheek 
"I'm sorry." He whispered I shook my head as his eyelids threaten to shut 
"No! Harry stay with me come on." His hand dropped to the collar of my shirt. I cradled his larger figure in my lap I sobbed as he stared forwards no emotion, no breathing. I put my head down on his chest and violently sobbed rocking back and forth as Harry's blood leaked onto my clothes.

(Play Everytime by Britney Spears) 

 I couldn't believe he was gone. I leaned away 
"God no!" I yelled I put both hands on his cheeks 
"Harry come on buddy come back please! I'm so sorry!" I yelled I looked I to those green eyes but nothing happened but when I shook him a trapped tears escaped rolling down his cheek I wiped it away and hugged him to my chest. 
I started to cry again sniffling. I felt like my whole world stopped. He was really gone. 
"Hazza, please." I begged once more. 
My phone started to ring I looked at the caller ID it was Management I felt anger I threw the phone, it smashed off the wall. I stared after it I fixed the cloth on Harry's wrist I looked at his wrist and saw the scars. Matching they were like scores being ticked off.. Like tallies. The big gash was different it was meant to happen. This was suicide. I felt two tears roll down my cheeks I held his hand to my chest. 
"Oh Harry.." I sobbed "why wouldn't you tell me?" I asked I reached onto his face and slid my hand down closing those beautiful green eyes for the last time. I hugged his head to my chest. I rocked some more. I leaned him up against the cabinets once more and crawled over to my phone. It was completely smashed and wouldn't turn on. I looked at Harry. On the floor next to him was his phone. A video rolling. I slowly walked forwards. I picked it up and stopped the recording. I went onto his home page and went into contacts. I called Liam. 
"Harry? Where the hell have you been? We were in Reher-" I cut him off. 
"Liam... It's not Harry it's Louis... Come over to Harry's house right now.." I said 
"Why what's wrong?" He asked as soon as I tried to tell him I started crying again.
"The blood..... J-just get here ok?" I said I hung up. I stood up and put Harry's phone in my pocket. I kneeled down to Harry's side, I looked at the cross hanging around his neck I took it from his neck clutching it in my hand I cried onto his shoulder. 
I stood up and started to pace. I looked into the mirror, I glared at myself 
"This is your fault." I said to the reflection. I clenched my fists and punched the mirror. It shattered. I started to cry once more... 
I sunk down the cabinets. I put Harrys cross in my pocket and leaned back I put my hand down to feel it... I shard from the mirror. I examined it and closed my eyes. When I heard a thud. I looked over and saw Liam. He looked at Harry and then me he jumped forwards taking the shard from me and throwing it he kneeled down on Harry's side. 
"Oh no... God no please... No!" Liam said he tried Harry's pulse. 
"He's gone Liam.." I whispered Liam sniffled as tears flowed from his eyes 
"We have to do something! CPR! Just something!" Liam said I nodded. Crawling over we tried everything we could but we ended up with no results. 

Sitting at hospital with the boys Niall was crying un controllably and Zayn was crying to no end. Liam and I were the only ones to see Harry. Niall and Zayn haven't seen him yet but they know how he died. 
News hasn't broken yet, what did this mean for all of us? We had a concert tomorrow night. I mean was there any more One Direction? I looked down the hall and saw them. Anne and Gemma. They looked around until they saw us. I got up they came quickly walking forwards. They threw their arms around me. Crying into my shoulders. I held them close and I too, cried once more. 

The next morning news had broken I went onto twitter and saw the worlds top trending 

The one that confused me the most was the second one... 
#YouLetHimGoLouis? What does that mean? I went onto more fan accounts. And then I saw a link. 

"Harry Styles Don't Let Me Go" I clicked on the link and listened to the song. I started crying did I really let him go? I kept pressing the replay button as the song flooded through my headphones. I sat. There motionless. The concert was tonight and as far as management said we were doing it. I didn't like the idea of going on stage without him. I didn't want to. Would a bit of mourning time kill them? I mean Harry only passed away 12 hours ago... Not even days Hours! Like seriously. I looked back up at the computer screen once the song ended once more. Eleanor had been texting and calling me but do you know what I don't care. As soon as j got a new phone management gave her my number I didn't even bother opening up the messages or listening to the voicemails. Management didnt need her anymore anyways. I didn't have enough courage to watch the video in Harry's phone. But it was going off from fans sending messages to his account telling him to rest in peace and he was loved. If only he knew that. 
I logged off my computer it was time to go to rehearsals. I walked out of my room meeting with the boys. We had all slept at Danielle and Liam's house

When we arrived at the arena rehearsals were a blur. At the end I slipped each band member a piece of paper and nodded to them... 

In only minutes our concert was going to start. The fans were quiet. We all wore shirts that had 

"Harry Edward Styles 1994 - 2013" I wiped away my tears before it was time to go on stage as soon as we went up on stage the usual camera flashes went off. We all stood there not smiling 
"How's everyone doing tonight?" Liam asked everyone responded with a scream a girl got my attention in the front row she was holding something out to me I took it. It was a bag of things that had Harry involved. I looked up and had tears despite the objections of security I hopped down between the barrier and the stage and hugged her. 
"Thank you" I whispered 
"Your welcome Louis. I hope your ok, may Harry rest in peace" she said I nodded and kissed her cheek 
I got up onto the stage once more.. 

At the end of the concert we said our goodbyes. I still had plans. I walked back out onto the stage all by myself. The fans screamed once more. I brought out a stand.. I put my mic in it. 
"As you all know.. Harry past away just yesterday." I said I paused
"Sometimes you find things out about someone when it's too late." I said I looked behind me and told the boys and everyone to stay away, I wasn't done yet. 
"Just yesterday I found out Harry used to knit and he always spent some of his time writing... I don't know if you all knew these things before I did but I guess epithet makes you a better friend than me? I wasn't always there for Harry but I tried. I believed one day we could be free of this. The fame the pictures." I said 
"I just wanna sing something to honor the most important person in my life.." 
I said I nodded to the band and they started playing the notes.... 
I took a deep breath and started singing.. 
"Now you were standing there right in front of me, I hold on it's getting harder to breathe" I sang fans started screaming. Knowing which song I was singing. 
"All of a sudden these lights are blinding me... I never noticed how bright they would be.." The fans started clapping in a supportive beat I kept on singing. 
"I saw in the corner there is a photograph, no doubt in my mind its a picture of you... It lies there alone in it's bed of broken glass, this bed was never made for two... I'll keep my eyes wide open... I'll keep my arms wide open.." The course rolled in I held onto the mic stand, 
"Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go 'cause I'm tired of feeling alone, don't let me, don't let me.. Don't let me go... 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone..." I sang 
"I promised one day I'd being you back a star, I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand oh, seems like these days I watch you from afar." I sang getting more into it. 
"Just trying to make you understand, I'll keep my eyes wide open.. Yeah, don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go... 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, don't let me go." The guitar solo was next. I looked around as I wiped a year away from my eye. It was time to sing softly... 
"Don't let me, don't let me.. Don't let me go.." I raised my voice once more
"'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, don't let me.. Don't let me go 'Cause I, tired of feeling alone.. Don't let me, don't let me go..." The finishing off lyrics... 
"'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone." I sang finishing off I looked into the crowed they all  screamed I looked down at my right hand and crossed my index finger over my middle one and held it up to my heart.
"I love you" I mouthed. I walked into the backstage area. Avoiding everyone getting into my dressing room and changed into my everyday clothes and got into my car. Thank god it was a London show. I was able to drive right home. 
I locked my doors and ran up the stairs and crashed onto my bed and let the tears fall. 
Why did it take me this long to figure out I loved Harry enough to say s few it to management... I had let them control me. How weak did that make me? With as disgusted with myself. 

I didn't know how I could ever show my face ever again.... 
How could I love without Harry? My Bestfriend and the love of my life. 

Authors note: 

Hello! So Umm yeah... If you want more just ask but again.. I'm not promising this took a chunk out of my "Love Lust" time... So yeah had to wake up at 6:20 this crapy morning because I'm headed to my grandparents farm once more... Yeah? -___- see ya lovelies!!! 













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