That Lucky Ginger

Monica is a red head and she is an orphan. She gets picked on because she is a "ginger". Monica doesn't understand most things yet because she is only five. But when you experience things you learn more. Monica experiences and learns about love, school, money, people and most important what its like to be in a family.


1. Monica

Monica's P.O.V

hello there! My name is Monica but my only friend calls me Moni. The older girls call me Mini Moni. Because I am only 5 and they also call me ginger because I have red hair. I am an orphan and I really want to get adopted by a nice family. I don't understand why people font want to adopt me. It is strange because every time someone says they want to adopt me the Orphanage manager, Ms. Strain, says that I am on hold. What does that mean? "Monica age 5 please go to the main office" ms. Strain said over the loud speaker. Hm.. Why am I called to the office. Well I skipped down stairs and I sat down in one of the chairs and then Ms. Strain walked in with 2... I think teenagers? "Monica this is Paul and Niall and they want to adopt you so..." Ms. Strain said. We always have to say if we wanna be adopted by the person. "I wanna be adopted" I said. "Go pack" she said. When I was almost done packing Niall came and said "u will be your new daddy. Can  I call you Moni?" I nodded. He took my Hans and bag and led me outside to this long car that looked like a car a bride would be in. "Where area we going?" I asked "home" he answered we went in the car and I saw a girl. "Who's that?" I asked. "That is...."


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