That Lucky Ginger

Monica is a red head and she is an orphan. She gets picked on because she is a "ginger". Monica doesn't understand most things yet because she is only five. But when you experience things you learn more. Monica experiences and learns about love, school, money, people and most important what its like to be in a family.


2. mean girl

"Who's that" I ask "that is my girlfriend Becca" daddy answered. "Hi" I said to her. "Hi" she answered with a disgusted look on her face. "I will be right back I forgot my phone in the building" daddy said. "Look girl I am not going to put up with you. I am and always should be the only girl Niall cares about besides of course his mother. If Niall starts to pay more attention to you then me you are gonna be in a lot of trouble" Becca said. Niall walked in. "Hey Moni, are you okay?" Daddy asked me.I nodded. "I have to go to work" Becca said and kissed daddy. "Moni, do you want to meet your uncles and aunts?" Daddy asked me. "Uh-huh" I said. We walked downstairs. "Boys this is Moni" daddy said. "Moni this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Miriam, Charlotte, Eleanor and Sharon" daddy pointed to them as he talked. "Niall, we need to talk" Liam said. The rest of the boys nodded their heads with the girls. "Okay" daddy said. "Come on Moni let's watch television, okay?" Uncle Harry said "ootay uncle Hawwie" I said. We walked upstairs and watched spongebob.

Niall's P.O.V

"Break upon with Becca. She is not a good person. Especially if you have Moni." Liam said. "Then I guess I don't have Moni." I answered. "What?" Louis said. "If I can't date Becca while I have Moni then I am bringing Moni back to the orphanage. Tomorrow." I explained, "but Niall-" Sharon started to say. "No. Shut up. Its my life and I don't need your f****n opinion. I never said that Zayn shouldn't date a s**t like you" I said. "What did you just call her?" Zayn said he was very angry. "Zayn.. Don't he is just upset he will figure it out sooner or later." Sharon said. "But he insulted you." Zayn said. "It's a fine he didn't mean to" she said and hugged him. "Are you sure you wanna return her?" Eleanor asked. "I...."


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