Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


10. Punk'd

[A/N hey guys! guess what? THIS IS A CHAPTER!! I got an idea! so before you all read this I want you to know some of you will not like this new plot of my story. But once you read it please don't comment anything negative. I am just a writer expressing her ideas on Movella. Please keep your comments nice. Thank you for reading. And I am perfectly okay if you do not wish to continue with this story but I really would like you to stay. Thank you for your support.]

-Zayn’s POV-

We arrived at the hospital in a matter of minutes. I could see how nervous and upset Niall was. I parked the car and turned to look at the distraught boy next to him. He had dyed his hair the other night, so it is back to its blonde color. I love his hair whichever way he chooses, but he looks good as a blonde. I gave him a weak smile before we climbed out of the car. We walked into the all too familiar hospital, the staff has changed a lot from that day when I met Niall. We walked to the back room and sat on the beds. Paul walked into the room a few minutes later with his clipboards in hand. He gave us both a smile, normally he would hook Niall up to his machines first, but he didn’t he walked right past him and went to me. That’s odd. He took out a stethoscope and listened to my breathing then looked in my ears and nose. I guess this is just a checkup.

“Everything looks good Zayn, can we take some blood though?” He asked looking at me. I nodded and looked back over at Niall who was just staring off into space, I hadn’t noticed but he was looking a little chubby. I don’t care, he’s perfect the way he is. He looked down at his stomach and rubbed it, did I forget to make breakfast? Shit I did didn’t I? Poor Niall he’s probably starving. Paul came back into the room, I hadn’t even noticed he left. He had a needle in one hand and a few empty vials in his other hand. I cringed at the sight of the needles, he walked over to my right side and sat down on his swirly chair. I looked away from him and tried to focus on Niall, I really hate needles. Paul started touching my arm, I tensed, did I mention I really hate needles? Cause I really hate needles. I took a deep breath and watched Niall who was still looking and rubbing his stomach. Guilt was washing over me. I really should have remembered to feed the boy.

“All right, I’m going to put some alcohol on it to sterilize the area.” Paul says softly. I just nod, refusing to look over at him. I feel something wet and cold run across the inside of my elbow. I shiver at the feeling but keep looking away.

“Okay, you’re going to feel a slight pinch. Just keep breathing okay?” Paul says soothingly I nod and glue my eyes to Niall. He is watching me now with a small smirk on his lips. He is going to give me shit for this later I know it.  I feel the needle pinch into my skin, I tense slightly from the pain but keep breathing out my mouth. I don’t know how much blood he took, but I feel like he took part of me. Sounds weird I know, but it’s true. Once he is done he walks back out of the room, he looked to Niall for a second and gave him a weird look that Niall nodded to then he left the room. That was odd, I should probably ask Niall why he didn’t hook him up to his machines.

“Niall why didn’t he put your Chemo tubes in?” I ask after Niall looks back to his stomach. I think he is trying to make me explode with guilt for not feeding him. Damn him. Niall looked up at me with fear in his eyes. Wait why is he scared? Did I say something to scare him? He sighed and looked back down, okay now I’m scared. What’s going on? Niall bit his bottom lip and shook his head, then he let out a soft laugh. What the fuck? He’s laughing now? Okay something is wrong with this leprechaun I think he is trying to kill me.

“You’re never going to believe me.” He says not making eye contact with me. What is he trying to point at? I don’t think there is anything he could tell me that I wouldn’t believe.

“Try me.” I press trying to read his expression the entire time he was looking down. It was starting to make me mad, he was purposely not making any form of eye contact with me. I hate when he does this, why can’t he get it through his head that I want to know what’s wrong? I want to know what’s bothering him. I want to be the one to fix all his problems, and I can’t do that unless he tells me what’s wrong. He let out a sigh and finally looked up, but he didn’t turn to me he looked up and stared at the wall across from him.

“I’ll tell you after Dr. Higgins comes back.” He says, you know that saying ‘speak of the devil’? Yea this is the time to use it. Paul walked into the room with both our clipboards in hand, I eyed him as he gave Niall a sad smile and nod. Niall looked a little happy but more upset than happy. Paul pulled a chair up in between our beds and handed a piece of paper to Niall. Niall’s eyes roamed over the paper, he let out a sigh and placed the paper in his lap before turning to me. He finally looked me in the eyes. His eyes were guarded but I could see the pain and worry in them. He was trying so hard to hide it from me, but I know Niall. I know when things are bothering him.

“I… I don’t really know a good way to say this.” He sighs getting quieter towards the end of his speech. I stay quiet. I can tell he needs a second to collect his thoughts. My eyes roam over to Paul who is giving Niall a reassuring smile, but why would Niall need reassuring? What could he possibly have to tell me that is so horrible? I already was told the worst news in the world, he only has 6 months. Or that’s what the doctor had told him, they aren’t always right. I have to keep reminding myself that. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Niall clearing his throat. I looked back over to him, he was playing with his fingers in his lap. Wow, Niall’s nervous.

“Well, you’re never going to believe me. But I just have to tell you. Zayn, I’m pregnant.” He says. I feel like someone is playing a huge prank on me. Niall can’t be pregnant. He’s a boy, that’s physically impossible. I am just sitting here waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come running into the room and screaming ‘You just got Punk’d!’ but I sat there and no Ashton Kutcher came running in. Paul and Niall just sat there looking at me both looking worried. They were probably afraid of my reaction to this news. I finally realized I should say something since I have been sitting here in silence for who knows how long now.  I look to Niall who is staring at me with red rimmed eyes, he looks like he is about to cry. Great.

“That’s… that’s not possible.” I say quietly looking to Paul for help with this. Surly he knows this is impossible. I wonder why he didn’t stop Niall there and tell him he’s insane. He is a doctor for Christ sake. He of all people know this is impossible.

“In normal circumstances yes, that is impossible. But Niall has a female reproductive system inside him. I did many tests, I couldn’t believe it myself when I first discovered it. You see I got in contact with Maura, Niall’s mother, and she confirmed my suspicions of Niall’s birth.” He eyed me waiting for my response. I nodded telling him to continue with this insane story. I was still trying to process everything.

“Well, Niall was one of the 100 babies who were given a shot of female hormones when they were born to see what the after affects would be. Most of the babies rejected it and nothing happened. Niall is one of the rare cases where it took to his body. He now has both male and female reproductive systems. He is still a man, but he can have children just as a woman can. Of course he can’t actually give birth but he can carry them and make them.” He finishes watching me hesitantly. I sat there in the bed just trying to process everything. Niall can have kids, that’s not normal. Niall is pregnant, it’s my kid. Wait it’s mine right? Well who else’s would it be? Niall hasn’t been with anyone else has he? No. Paul is telling me all these things, he wouldn’t lie to me. Not after everything we’ve been through. I look to Niall whose expression reads worry and sadness.

“This isn’t some sick joke right?” I croak out looking into Niall’s eyes. He shakes his head frantically.

“No! Oh god no! I wouldn’t do that to you!” He says his voice becoming scared. I nodded and slowly got up out of the bed. I walked over to his and sat on the edge.

“How though? We always use a condom?” I ask reaching for his hand. I entwine our fingers and give his hand a small squeeze. He blushes at my question.

“We didn’t that one time in the shower….”He trails off looking down in embarrassment. I find myself laughing at how adorable he looks when he is embarrassed. I thought back to about a month ago, it was a few days after he came back into my life. Niall had gotten up out of bed to get a shower. I got bored and thought it would be fun to shower with him. I had scared him when I stepped into the shower, but we ended up doing some pretty X rated things in there. I blushed as I remembered that day. Niall was watching me with the same blush on his cheeks. He was probably remembering the same day. I chuckled and brought his hand up to my lips.

“Oh yes, I remember. Well Love, I will stick with you no matter what.” I say once I pulled his hand away from my lips. He smiled at me and looked to Paul who didn’t look as happy as I thought he would look. I gave him a confused look and he motioned for me to follow him out of the room. I kissed Niall’s forehead before following Paul out of the room into the hallway. He sighed as he turned to look at me head on.

“Zayn I know you love Niall and I know you love that child but it’s not safe for Niall. With having been carrying this child he hasn’t been allowed to get his Chemo treatments. He already is in the risk of 6 months. With this child they both are under a risk of not making it.” He says. I feel like I was just slapped in the face, I can’t lose Niall. I can’t lose the baby either. I only just found out about the tiny one but I already love it.

“There has to be something we can do to save both of them.” I say frantically. Paul sighs and looks down at his clipboard. He starts shaking his head.

“I’m sorry Zayn. I really wish I could help.”

[A/N So remember please no hateful comments. This Is now an Mpreg and if you do not like this type of story I'm not forcing you to continue reading this. Thank you to those who are continuing to read though. I love you all. Thanks for reading :D ]

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