Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


11. Nutella

[A/N Hey guys! I have a couple questions. Do you like the story? Should I keep going? do you want more Harry and Guy (I need a bromance name for them) do you want more Lilo? I need answers to these questions! I want to keep you all happy :D]

-Niall’s POV-

Zayn and Dr. Higgins have been in the hallway for a long time, I wonder what they are discussing. I was so terrified to tell Zayn about the baby. At first, when I first found out, I didn’t believe it either. I thought they were joking. But then they showed me all the tests and I went home still unsure about everything. I took an at home pregnancy test and it came back positive. I think at that moment is when I finally realized this is all true. I have been hiding this from Zayn because I wasn’t sure how he would take it. Dr. Higgins told me I needed to tell Zayn, no matter what his reaction was he deserved to know. I looked down at my slightly pudgy belly. It wasn’t that big since I’m only a month but to anyone who knows me I look like I’ve gained a few pounds. I sighed and swung my legs over to the side, I don’t think I’m getting my treatments today. They don’t think it would be safe for the baby if I got them. I want to have this baby, I don’t want to give it up. It’s so weird, I didn’t think I would ever want kids but the instant I found out it was true something clicked. I became so attached to the unborn child inside me the mere thought of anything happening made me sad and angry at the same time. I got up off the bed and went to grab my coat off the hanger on the wall. As I was slipping it on Zayn and Dr. Higgins came into the room. Zayn looked upset but he gave me a small smile when he saw me. I returned the smile and looked to Dr. Higgins.

“Niall you will need to come back next week, we are still unsure of how this whole situation you have here works. So we will need to keep a close eye on the baby and yourself. Oh and you need to pick up some prenatal vitamins at the store. You need to be taking those everyday now that we know the baby is real.” Dr. Higgins says as he writes something down onto his clipboard. I gave him a nod and went to Zayn’s side. Zayn wrapped his arm around my waist before we walked out of the room and back to the car. The walk to the car was quiet, we didn’t really know what to say. At least I didn’t, I still was a little unsure of how he was taking this news. I slid into the car silently, Zayn got into the driver’s seat and started the engine. I reached forward and flipped on the radio.  Some song I didn’t really know was playing. The silence between Zayn and I was starting to get to me. I wanted it to end, but I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t really want to be the one to end the silence. I didn’t really have to wait all that long before Zayn finally spoke.

“Do we know the gender or is it still too early?” Zayn asks keeping his eyes on the road. I looked over at him.

“It’s still too early. I’m only a month along.” I reply twiddling my thumbs in my lap. It’s so weird, I never imagined I would be having a conversation like this. I mean I’m a man. I shouldn’t be able to have kids but now I can. It’s all so weird, almost like a dream. Zayn nods and takes a deep breath.

“Oh, well I want you to know I am going to be here for you the entire time Ni. I’m not going anywhere.” He says looking over at me and placing his hand on my thigh. He looks back to the road but keeps his hand on my leg. I smile and place my hand over his. He turns his hand over so he can lace his fingers with mine. We hold hands the entire way to the store. Zayn pulls into the parking lot and we get out. We walk into the large store hand in hand. This is going to look so weird when we buy the vitamins. Realization hits, I have no idea what these vitamins look like or where to find them. This is crazy.

“Um Zayn?” I mutter

“Hmm?” He asks looking down at me. I bite my lip and try to think of a good way to say this.

“Don’t you think this is going to look a little weird with us holding hands and buying prenatal vitamins?” I ask with a blush. Realization floods his face and he nods.

“Um, yeah. I didn’t think about that.” He says with a light chuckle. I laugh and release his hand. We walk side by side around the store looking for the baby isle. Once we find it we have to look through all the bottles of pills until we find the right vitamins.

“What are you looking for sir? You look very confused.” A young girl wearing a red apron and name tag says with a polite smile. My face flushes, do I really look that helpless right now?

“I need, prenatal vitamins?” I say a little embarrassed. She smiles and nods reaching right in front of me to a small white bottle. Wow I feel stupid now, it was right in front of me and I couldn’t find it. She handed me the bottle and gave me another polite smile.

“Anything else sir?” She asks. I shake my head and thank her before walking to the end of the isle to Zayn who is looking at some weird pregnancy thing. He was examining it like it was about to explode in his hands.

“Is this… does this go on your nipple?” He asks holding up the contraption. It had a tube at one end and a clear suction cup on the other. I honestly have no idea what it’s for but that’s what I would guess since the picture is of a baby drinking milk. So I think that’s what it’s for.

“I think. I really hope I don’t need to use that.” I gulp at the thought of my nipples producing milk. That would probably mentally scar me for the rest of my life. What am I thinking? I’m a freaking pregnant man. If this doesn’t mentally scar me then I don’t think anything else could scar me. Zayn shook his head and made a confused face that made me want to grab his cheeks and kiss him senseless but I controlled myself. He placed the weird contraption down and we walked out of the baby isle.

“Do we need anything else babe?” Zayn asked quietly. My stomach grumbled. I could really go for some cheese and Nutella…

“Um, can we get some Nutella and cheese?” I asked with a smile. His eyes widened from the combination I just suggested.

“That’s gross” He blurted out. My face fell, great now I gross him out? I pouted and his face turned to shock.

“Oh, no! No! No! No! I don’t mean it like that Ni, I just… well it’s kind of a gross combination don’t you think?” He said grabbing my hand ignoring the odd looks we are receiving in the store. I looked down not making eye contact with the raven haired boy standing before me.

“You think I’m gross.” I say quietly. Almost too quietly for Zayn to hear me. Zayn grabbed my chin and forced me to look up into his dark brown eyes. I tried to look away but his hand was holding my chin too tightly for me to move.

“Niall, Look at me. Niall I don’t think you’re gross. I think that cheese and Nutella is gross, but if that’s what you think is good then I won’t stop you from eating it. Let’s go get you some Nutella. Yeah?” He says looking right into my eyes. I can’t help but feel like he was looking into my soul as he did that. All I could do was nod at him, he released my chin and grabbed my hand ignoring the looks we got. I guess I should just get used to the people staring, I’m going to have people staring at me a lot more than they are now in a few months. Zayn dragged me down to the peanut butter isle and released my hand to look for the Nutella.

“OI! NIALLER!!!!!” Someone shouted. I jumped and turned to see Louis bounding towards me with Liam on his heels. I laughed and moved out of the way so he couldn’t tackle me. I moved right when Louis jumped so he ended up falling flat on his face.

“That wasn’t very nice leprechaun.” He pouted. I laughed holding my stomach subconsciously. Louis grumbled some curse words before standing to his feet. Liam reached over and grabbed his arm pulling him to his side before he could attack me again. Zayn came to my side and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Hey guys, sorry about Lou. I gave him sugar this morning. My mistake.” Liam says apologetically. We all chuckle and nod. Louis continues to pout.

“I just wanted a hug!” He whines like a five year old. I sigh and look up to Zayn. He gives me a worried glance. Maybe I shouldn’t let him hug me, it might hurt the baby. I think Zayn was thinking the same thing because he kept glancing at my stomach.

“Well we need to get going. We had to go to the doctors today so we are both really tired.” Zayn lies. Well it wasn’t a complete lie but what he was implying went on during the appointment was a lie. Liam gave us a sorry nod and we said our goodbyes. Louis kept looking at me with this weird look on his face. Zayn pulled me to the counter, I hadn’t noticed Louis following us until he spoke behind us.

“Looks like we both finished shopping at the same time. Small world” He joked. I nodded and Zayn gave him a light chuckle before setting the stuff down on the belt to get checked out. Louis eyes wandered down to the prenatal vitamins. My heart rate quickened. Please don’t ask, please don’t ask. I chanted in my head. But of course, that didn’t stop him from asking.

“Who’s pregnant?” Dammit Louis why do you have to always ask so many questions. I bit my bottom lip. I don’t know what to say. I can’t tell him the truth, at least right now. We are in a public place. I can’t just go around advertising I’m a pregnant male.

“Um” That’s all I could say. I felt Zayn stiffen. Do I dare look over at him and see what he is thinking? I glanced up to see his face looking completely normal. He didn’t look worried at all. How is he not freaking out? How is he so calm and collected right now!? I opened my mouth to say something but Zayn beat me to it.

“My cousin.” He lied so easily. How could he do that? When I lie I get all sweaty and my eye starts twitching. I’m very bad liar. I looked at the floor. I don’t want to be the reason we are caught in the lie.

“Oh, that’s cool. Congrats I guess.” Louis laughs. Liam runs up with a jug of milk in his hand. Louis smiles and kisses his cheek.

“Thanks babe.” He says smiling to Liam. I looked away not only to give them privacy but to be sure I didn’t start sweating and twitching. That sounds weird doesn’t it…? Oh well.

“Will this be all for you sir?” The checkout boy asked. He didn’t even look twice at the items on the checkout belt. Maybe he is used to weirdo’s buying odd things. Zayn shook his head and pulled out his wallet. He shouldn’t be buying them, but if I say something Louis will get suspicious since Zayn said it was His cousin, not mine. I will have to pay him back once we get home.

“Bye Louis, Bye Liam.” Zayn called as he grabbed the bag of groceries. I waved at them as they said their chorus of goodbyes. Zayn and I walked back out to the car.

“Well that could have gone a lot worse.” Zayn chuckled. I laughed and nodded sliding into the car. Zayn threw the bag in the back and climbed into the car. We pulled out of the store and drove home.

“Here” I said handing him the money for my vitamins and food. He shook his head and pushed the money away. We had just walked into the house and he was putting the food away. My stomach growled. I was too hungry to argue with him. I sighed and placed the money on the counter. He will forget whose it is later and probably take it.  I grabbed the Nutella out of its new found home, the cupboard. And grabbed a cheese stick. I felt eyes watching me as I unscrewed the cap on the Nutella. I turned to see Zayn watching me, eyes wide. I blushed and took my odd snack into the living room. I unwrapped the cheese stick and could feel my mouth start to water.

“Pregnancy cravings, I need to get used to this.” Zayn said as he sat down on the couch. I blushed and stuck the cheese into the Nutella.

[A/N Gross pregnancy cravings... So answer the questions that were in the Authors note before the chapter please? And I was thinking of 'Garry' for Guy and Harry's bromance. If you have any better suggestions lemme know! ALSO I love you guys :D 3 comments next chappie?]

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