I Need You Now

"Do you like it if I touch you here?" He asked as his hand swiftly moved to my lips. Tracing his fingers across it. "Or here?" He begun touching my neck. "Or here?"


2. Chapter Two

I Need You Now
Chapter Two
  Music...Laughter...Drunk... All the things that made the club... A club. Megan started pulling me towards the bar. "First shots on me!!" When the shots came. She held up her glass and screamed "TO THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!" And started gulping down the glass "TO ME!" I yelled back. Laughing away as I drank down the cold liquor in my glass. "So to fufil your most desired wish... You are gonna lose your v-card to someone hot, got that?" I laughed at her childishness... Or not so childish considering what I was going to lose tonight. "Hey you only have one v-card right? No more good girl with straight A's that sits in the back of the class all day, to getting drunk and laid!" I shouted as I brought the fine glass to my lips for yet another shot. "Now down to business..." Megan said as she scanned around the room and stoped when her fingers reached a tall, dark, mysterious guy. "Damn he looks good with his badass jacket and oh mah gawd that quiff. Gurl its him!!" She said happily like a kid on christmas morning. "Dangerous...I like" I said. "Okay, so the plan is you go over there and flirt your ass of now shoo!!" She said as she stared shooing me away towards him. "Wait! No what do I say?! What do I do!? How do I look-" "perfectly fine," a low husky voice replied. "Oh, h-hi" "hello darling what your name?" "Lilly... And yours?" I questioned "You don't know my name? Thats new," he returned. "While unless your Adam Levine or anyone from The Script then I sure as hell wouldn't know you." I smirked. "Zayn, Zayn Malik. One Direction." He said as he stuck his hand out. A little too formal for me but oh well. As I shook his hand I began to realise who he was. "One Direction... Well where have I heard that" I replied sarcasticly. "I like you, your not screaming off your head or stripping for me, although I'd like that very much." He whispered the last part into my ear. So we have the same objectives tonight, to get into each others pants. I thought. "A beer?" He asked. "Why not?" "So Lilly tell me something about yourself." "Well its my birthday today and I came here for one reason and one reason only" "And what is that?" "To finally get laid" I muttered. "Well maybe I could help you out with that," he said before he passionatly crashed his lips into mine. Before i knew it, his hazel brown eyes now turned dark with full of lust. He licked my lips asking for entrance when I parted my lips only to return with him shoving his tounge down my throat and both of us fighting for dominance. He broke the kiss and whispered in my ears "how bout we take this back to my place" all I could muster out was a nod before he quickly led me to a cab to his place. He was such a tease! Running his hands uo and down my thigh in the cab. Two can play at that game i thought while doing the same almost touching his tip when the cab stoped and pulled as out of a huge mansion. He quickly shoved me up the wall as he unlocked the door bringing me ip the stairs towards the bedroom not breaking the kiss. As he laid me on the bed he whispered in my ear,"Tonight, I'm in control" he started kissing me down my jawline and unbuttoning my shirt while I unbuttoned his. "No way," I retorted. Running my hands up and down his perfectly formed abs. He stareted kissing down my neck towards my chest area and sucking, licking, kissing and hardening my nipples. I moaned as high flooded over me while he made his way down and started fingering me. I groaned Zayns name as a smirked formed on his lips before shoving his tounge down where his finger was. "ZAYN!!" I shouted. As he kept pumping in and out with hi tounge. "Zayn... I-i'm g-g-gonna c-c-cum!!" "Hold it babe" whispered.  I held it for as long as I could before i screamed out "I CAN'T ANY LONGER" as the first flood came over me as i groaned out Zayn's name. Before I could even recover i felt my hand reach for his full length as I started rubbing on it up and down. He moaned my name in pleasure before i began kissing it. "Lilly.." He groaned as my lips parted and started sucking his long, hard cock. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and started pushing he's dick further and further down my mouth. "Jesuse Lilly I'm gonna cum!!" He said. I ignored him and continiued sucking on it as a liquid substance came entering my mouth as i swallowed it down. We both fell on the bed, panting unevenly. "You know," he began "For a first timmer you were amazing!" I blushed a bit as he said it and soon fell asleep...
OMG THIS WAS SO LONG BUT SO DIRTY I NEED TO GO SLAP BANG INTO CHURCH!! So how did ya like it. ;) should I up the rating though?? Well I hope for your reviews. :) like, comment and fav!! Lurv u loads! Xx WonDirectioner
(Ps im sorry my english isnt very fluint or my grammers out of place I'm currently at japan and my moms forcing me to speak chinese! Argh!)


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