I Need You Now

"Do you like it if I touch you here?" He asked as his hand swiftly moved to my lips. Tracing his fingers across it. "Or here?" He begun touching my neck. "Or here?"


3. Chapter Three

I Need You Now
Chapter Three
  As I woke up and sat up on the bed benif me that did not feel like mine at all. Realisation quickily hit me as I realised what I did last night. I bit my lip hiding a smile that was soon to be forming on my lips although I knew I would soon be leaving when he wakes up. A small tear trickled down my face when I had realised... He took my vaginity away... He was nothing special?!? Why did I let him! I should have thought of it sooner. He's just going to kick me out sooner or later, and its killing me to know I've just been used. What could I expect!! I knew what hit me?!? Why didn't I stop! It felt so wrong yet... So right.
Why does it feel so good,
but hurt so bad?
His phone rang. I know right, I thought. As he woke up from his deep slumber, I quickly lay back down so that he'll think I'm sleeping. He answered the phone. "Oh...h-h-hi Perrie... Uh yeah sure come over. Uh huh... Uh huh... NOW!! I mean, yeah sure er... Just gimme a minute..." Perrie... Who the hell was that?!? Don't tell me he has a girlfriend... That bastard!! "Hey.. Um lindy er you gotta get up" he started nudging me,"Save it Zayn, I heard... And its Lilly." I said tears treathening to spill. I quickly got dressed when I rushed out of the door and to my absolute most embaressment knocked into a blonde, blue-eyed boy wearing a "Carefree Mofo" shirt. "Oh god I'm so sor- hey are you ok?" He asked. I couldn't take it any more. I fell into the strangers arms and begun crying in it. 
It was the most embaressing moment of my life that I'll never regret. 
Niall's POV
  She was beautiful. With her long brown wavy hair falling to the side of her face and dark eyes... She was mesmerizing. "Hey princess don't cry, wanna talk bout it?" I kindly offered. All she did was shook her head and snuggled into my chest as she cried in my arms. "That bastard cheater!" She mumbled. 
  I cleared up her tears and offered her starbucks to cheer her up. She sure knows her coffe. "One frappachino with a teaspoon of sugar and extra two spoon full of cream. And add more milk." I stared at her glistering black eyes as she orrdered. She was amazing her smile her giggle as she ordered... I think I'm falling for a girl I met a half hour ago... She really is something else. "So, wanna talk bout it?" I offerend as we sat down. "Its just... I just turned seventeen last night and figured I don't wanna be one of those nerds, sitting at the back in the class. The good girls. I wanna be wild, carefree and... Happy. So I decided hey whats a better way then getting high-" she said as i almost chocked on my coffe. "No no no no no. Not on drugs as in lose my um.. Er.. You know v-card. So I met up with this guy last night and you know... Kinda did it," I suddenly got really jelous... Thats not like me... "Then this morning when I woke up I realised I just lost something so precious to some that barly knows me and I barly know him... All I know is his name!! And then he got a phonecall this morning from this Perrie girl when I put the pieces together... He's a stinking cheater. He only used me for sex and nothing else. I should have saw this coming," she said on the verge of tears. "Hey... Don't cry. He's not worth your tears. You wanna go back to my place we could watch a movie or something to forget bout him" I suggested with a smile. But in all honesty... I just wanted to spend more time with her. "Haha I'd love to but I don't even know your name." She smirked. "Its Niall, Niall Horan" "Lilly, Lilly Parkson." She smiled and warmly shook my hand. "Its nice to finally meet you lils." I smiled. "So... My place?" "Sure, why not?" Yes!! Score Niall, score! On the way back to my place we talked anout everything and got to know eacho other better. Like how she loves McDonalds more then anything in the world and how she despises chicken bacon and how he parents abandonded her. It hurt me to hear that story. Though it suprises me that she trusted me so well... Today was truly the best day ever. 
Lilly's POV
  What was I thinking!?! Opening up to Niall about my parents? Only Megan knew about it and I've known her for years now. Why does Niall give me this feeling that I could trust him so well? What is it about this boy that I just can't seem to get out of my head? He must really be something else... 
  As we watched the movie he told about this four amazing friends of his. They were in a band together. How cute, I thought. We watched 'The Bridesmaids' until it ended when he suddenly shot out a question,"Hey why don't you come over tomorrow to see the guys, it'll be fun." "Sure" I replied, I hope they like me... What if they didn't... Would Niall still be friends with me? So many questions ran through my head... Wondering why I ever agreed to do this. Oh well... All I can do now is suck it up and hope for the best... Oh and with Megan too... She's probably worried sick bout me... She's gonna be pisssssssed...

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