I Need You Now

"Do you like it if I touch you here?" He asked as his hand swiftly moved to my lips. Tracing his fingers across it. "Or here?" He begun touching my neck. "Or here?"


1. Chapter One

I Need You Now
Chapter One
  "LILS GET YOUR FAT ARSE OUT HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I EAT UP ALL OF THE CHRISP!!" My bestfriend, Megan yelled. "GODDAMMIT WOMEN I'M COMING," I retorted. It was my seventeenth birthday today and Megan and I wanted to go to a pub. I mean sure, I was one year short but hey, your only seventeen once right? Might as well make it a lasting memory. Oh, how rude of me. My names Lilly Parkson or lils for short. I'm heads over heels for Maroon 5 and I hate one direction. Not for their music... Just cause their five pretty faces who can't do no shit for a living. Oh, and I'm turning seventeen today!! Yay!! When I was fifteen my parents had told me I was adopted... You didn't need sherlock to figure that out though... They both had long blonde hair and my mom had blue eyes while my dad had grey. While I was stuck with long brown wavy hair and dark eyes that could pratically send danggers to your heart when I'm pissed. At the age of sixteen I decided to move to London with Megan 'cause I couldn't take the hate coming from all my grandparents and how, and I quote "utterly useless" I am. They used to say. Even my parents hate me. I don't even get why they would adopt me if they wern't ever going to care about me. Well fuck them, I'm sixteen, single and free and on my way headed for the best night club in London to let lose and finally get laid... Yes I'm still a virgin... No I'm not proud of it. But tonight thats all gonna change. 
Hey guys this is actually my second movella I just had to delete the first one cause I has major writers block. Please like, comment and fav. This IS a one direction fanfic btw I just haven't gotten there yet so keep reading and plllllllease help me get more favs and likes!! Reviews apprieciated. :) xx WonDirectioner

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