I Need You Now

"Do you like it if I touch you here?" He asked as his hand swiftly moved to my lips. Tracing his fingers across it. "Or here?" He begun touching my neck. "Or here?"


4. Chapter Four

I Need You Now

Chapter Four

Megan's POV

  My God where the hell was she! I know I told her to get some but damn I've been woried sick. she could have texted me! Its been one-and-more-than-a-half days! Its called a 'One Night Stand' not a forget-about-everyone-else-and-continue-fucking-stand, a text would be nice. Ring.....ring...... I rushed for my phone. Speak of the devil. "WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU" I yelled whilst answering my phone. "See I knew you would freak out. Calm your ass down and I'll explain everything when I'm there in about... er... 10 minutes?"  "fine"

  Soon enough the doorbell rang and I rushed over to answer. Sure I was pissed but I gotta know how was her first. "Bitch better spill. Are you guys together now? How good was he? Did you use protection?"

Lilly's POV

  "...Did you use protection?" I was dumbfounded by Megs words.... Did we? Did we use protection? What if we didn't!? I Didn't even get his number! "Lilly? Lils?! LILLY?" Megan said waving both her hands in front of my face?

  "We didn't use protection"  

Zayn's POV

  God what was I thinking? Sleeping with that chick? Whats her name Linzy? Lindy? Ahh whatever. If Perrie found out she was bound to kill me. All I hope was nothing went wrong. Perrie wouldn't know... She wouldn't come running back... Perrie won't kill me... She won't be pregnant... PREGNANT! Oh god!! What if she wasn't on the pills!! Ohmygod this is not happening. Thank god I didn't give her my number. I wish I could say I wasn't that kind of guy... but I am.

  This has been the fourth time I was cheating on Perrie and I sure as hell was good at hiding it. "Baby is something wrong?" Perrie asked. "Oh... uh of course not babe. um... I don't feel to good... and I uh sorta have a interview tomorrow so maybe you should uh go..." "Oh..yeah sure. Rest well babe." She said with a sad smile and rushed off. I didn't deserve Perrie... Of course I didn't. All I use her is for god damn sex just because shes so good in bed. I really should break up with her... I've never even felt anything anyways... Damn I'm a mess...


Hey guys sorry for the sucky chapter...


schools hols hw are always the most and I seriously needed to focus on them... yikes sorry!!


Annnnywho....... LizzyPayne please be a lil more patient with me... I promiss you'll be in the story soon, love you'll loads!! 


xxx WonDirectioner

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