Nothing To Lose

"You don't gotta wait no longer, you don't gotta be so shy. I just wanna pull you closer, I just wanna cross that line. So baby come on, cause the night is almost over, so let's have the time of our lives like we got nothing to lose." Nothing To Lose - Emblem3

Drew and Trisha meet at a party. At first Trisha doesn't want anything to do with him cause she gets attention from a lot of guys, it get's annoying sometimes. Drew finally convinces her to go on a date with him, let him show her he's not one of those guys who just want to get in her pants. Trisha is very doubtful about what he says, but soon she starts to really like him.


3. Chapter Two

Trisha's POV


Autumn looked through my cloths, trying to find something to wear. She said I had better taste in fashion then she did. I got bored of watching her look through my closet and started looking for her. I picked out a pink cocktail dress with a black belt that went under he chest. I handed it to her with a pair of black heels.


"Put that on and curl your hair, I'll do your makeup." I told her and she put it on and started curling her hair. For me, I picked out a black, studded, open back dress. I put it on with black, open toe studded heels and curled my hair, pinning it to the side. I added a studded little purse, putting my phone in it. I quickly did my makeup and we were ready.

"Ready to go? The party already started." Autumn said.


"Alright, let's go." I smiled, grabbing my phone and walking to the car. Autumn drove since she knew where it was. We arrived a big house with flashing lights coming out of the windows and music blaring. Figure's Amy would get invited to a rich kids party. We got out of the car and went into the house, spotting Amy almost immediately. She was wearing a bright pink dress with silver open-toed stilettos.


"Autumn! Trisha! You made it!" Amy yelled, running over to us, her heels clicking against the floor.


"Wouldn't miss it." Autumn smiled wide.


"This is Jenn, she's hosting the party." Amy said, pulling a girl in a blue cocktail dress next to her.


"Hi! Thanks for coming! Drink anything, talk to anyone, do whatever you want! It's an open bar, by the way!" Jenn smiled, she was obviously drunk. Autumn and I headed straight for the bar.


"What can I get for you ladies?" The bartender asked.


"Two cranberry-vodka's please." I smiled and he made out drinks and handed them to us. She went off somewhere while I sat at a bar stool, texting my older sister about the party. She was in Louisiana with her husband and kids.


"Hey, there." A voice said to me. I looked up and a guy with blonde hair that was quiffed up under a red beanie stood there. In front of me was Drew Chadwick from Emblem3.

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