Nothing To Lose

"You don't gotta wait no longer, you don't gotta be so shy. I just wanna pull you closer, I just wanna cross that line. So baby come on, cause the night is almost over, so let's have the time of our lives like we got nothing to lose." Nothing To Lose - Emblem3

Drew and Trisha meet at a party. At first Trisha doesn't want anything to do with him cause she gets attention from a lot of guys, it get's annoying sometimes. Drew finally convinces her to go on a date with him, let him show her he's not one of those guys who just want to get in her pants. Trisha is very doubtful about what he says, but soon she starts to really like him.


4. Chapter Three

Trisha's POV


"Hi." I smiled a bit.


"How could such a pretty girl like you be all alone at a party?" He asked, winking at me.


"I don't know." I shrugged.


"I'm Drew." He smiled.


"Trisha." I answered.


"How old are you?" He asked.


"18, you?"




"So where are your little friends?" I asked.


"What, Wesley and Keaton? Oh, they're somewhere around here." Drew shrugged, "What about your friends? Don't tell me you came to a high school party alone."


"My friend is probably pretending to be in high school again." I said.


"You gotta boyfriend?" He asked.


"Nope." I shook my head, "And I don't plan on having one when I leave here." I rolled my eyes.


"I can tell by the way that your rolling your eyes, you get a lot of attention, probably fed up with guys." Drew said.


"Oh really?" I laughed.


"And I could sit here and try to convince you that I'm different," He paused.


"Oh?" I smirked.


"But you look so good, it's hard to put together a sentence." he said.


"That's a new one." I giggled. It was weird. Every guy that had ever talked to me just called me hot or sexy. But there was something about Drew, something about the way he talked. The way he looked. Something that just made me never want to stop talking to him.


"So, if you could just imagine what going through my head right now." Drew smiled.


"I can imagine your making up things to get in my pants." I said, still texting my sister but now telling her our whole conversation.


"No. Well maybe later on, but not tonight." He said.


"I'm not going on a date with you." I said.


"If you give me a chance, I can promise you this: you won't be singing break up songs like that Taylor chick." He laughed.

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