Raising Baby Lux

the boys from one direction were alredy perfect but when baby lux came into this world it showed them what love and responsability was. this is about how she changed their lifes.


5. Going home

toms pov

"LOU" are you ready i asked i was ready to get out of here. we have been here for three days. the boys are helping us set up baby luxes room. they can be lots of help for us being new parents. i strapped lux in and put her blanket over her and headed for the car. lou was already there waiting for us. we had sent the boys to our house to work on the nursery for lux. we were exited to see what they had come up with.

     15min later

  lous pov 

we walked in with all our belongings and went to where luxes room should be. OH MY its beautiful. one wall was painted pink one blue and another was orange her name was written in purple and on another the boys had wrote "dear lux we love you"and signed their names. i smiled and thought of our time   to come with them and lux.





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