Raising Baby Lux

the boys from one direction were alredy perfect but when baby lux came into this world it showed them what love and responsability was. this is about how she changed their lifes.


16. airport

averis pov

right now it six in the afternoon. Taylor took the 7 am flight to get here so she should be here and muinute now.then i saw her at the bag return station.'TAYLOR OVER HERE".i yelled and waved.when i looked at her she looked worried."whats wrong tay"? i asked. "i cant find my luggage"!she said with worry.  "ok listen lets go to thde desk and find out whats going on". "well m'am it appears as if the luggage never made it to the plane they can hold it at ythe airport and someone can pick it up for you" the polite desk lady said.me and taylor duisscused it and we were going to get her mom to pick it up and send it to us by ups or fed x.so untill now we get to go SHOPING



to be continued.....



sorry its short updating soon!!!

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