Already Gone

Riley and Louis were good friends in grade school. But once they went their separate ways and Louis ditched Riley for popularity and Jessica she feels more and more alone! But once Louis and Jessica part ways Louis sees what he has done to one of his best friends and the girl he should be liking. When Riley gets in some trouble with family Louis thinks she hates him but he does all he can to get her back. And to save her from what happens next.

My first movella no hate please! Comment like and favorite and I hope you enjoy!!!! <3


6. She's worse than a criminal.....


She fell asleep an hour ago. She was exhausted and I couldn't blame her. I haven't left her side since. All I can think is why her aunt would bring herself to do that. Especially to her niece. Like how? 
As soon as she fell asleep I started to cry. I can't believe I left her like that. She says I saved her, but all I did was hurt her. I feel like such a jerk. Why Louis why? 
She groans and moves her head towards mine. 


"Louis, why are you crying?" I say lifting my hurt hand up to wipe his tears away. 
"Oh, it's nothing don't worry about me"
"But I am worried." 
"I'm so sorry"
"Stop saying sorry! Everything is fine. I'm okay."
"I'm sorry"
"Louis" I say giving him a little smirk
"What? Are you okay?"
"Yes! Calm down! Trust me I'm okay! Don't worry!" I smile and he looks into my eyes and gives me a reassuring smile. 
"Yeah?" I smile taking a glance at his lips. 
"Riley! Tell them I'm not a criminal. I don't hurt you! You fell down the stairs remember! " she looks at me giving me the look of 'don't you dare rat me out'. 
I look at Louis and he gives me a nod. 
Tears start to well up in my eyes and I swallow. 
"S-she...." Just say it RILEY! "She's worse than a criminal."
"LIAR!" She screams and runs towards me. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! YOU LITTLE.."
"DONT YOU DARE SAY IT!" Louis says looking at my aunt with determined eye ready to do anything he has to. The police grab her by the arms and pull her out of the room and as soon as the door closes I burst into tears. I feel so bad cuz I'm ruining Louis shirt. 

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