Already Gone

Riley and Louis were good friends in grade school. But once they went their separate ways and Louis ditched Riley for popularity and Jessica she feels more and more alone! But once Louis and Jessica part ways Louis sees what he has done to one of his best friends and the girl he should be liking. When Riley gets in some trouble with family Louis thinks she hates him but he does all he can to get her back. And to save her from what happens next.

My first movella no hate please! Comment like and favorite and I hope you enjoy!!!! <3


7. Man, how I love her.....

All I remember from yesterday is me crying and my aunt coming over. I'm so confused. Why would she care? I try to open my eyes but I can't seem to find the strength to. My head hurts and my arms and legs feel like jelly. 
"Where is she going to stay?"
"With me"
"Okay well she can go home whenever she feels she can. All the tests have been going well and there is no sign of further injury. Just for the first couple of days take it slow. That means no school and probably no sports."
WHAT!?!?!?! No sports are you freaking kidding me?!?!? Ughh why me? 
"Okay, so when she wakes up we can leave?"
"Correct. Ill just go down and get you the paper work." 
I finally could open my eyes and I look at him his hand rubbing the back of his neck. He looks exhausted. I feel so bad. 
"Hey! Babe how are you? Are you okay?"
"I could be better. When do I have to go home?"
"Whenever. The doctor says you can go home when you wake up. Your tests have come in clean."
"Okay. Thank you Louis"
"It's worth it."

"It's worth it." It is worth it. Every single day is worth it. I would always catch her when she falls and I will always be the one she needs. No matter how bad things get I will never let that get in the way of things. She's everything to me. And I don't want to loose her. She's mine and I know that sounds so possessive an creepy but when you think about it, who else would want her more than I do? 
I signed all the papers and we started to head home. She looked nervous so I put my hand on her thigh. She looked at me and smiled. 
I pulled into the driveway and kissed her cheek before we walked in. I set her on the coach and kissed her forehead. As soon as I lifted my head up she was fast asleep with a slight smile on her face. Man, how I love her. 

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