Already Gone

Riley and Louis were good friends in grade school. But once they went their separate ways and Louis ditched Riley for popularity and Jessica she feels more and more alone! But once Louis and Jessica part ways Louis sees what he has done to one of his best friends and the girl he should be liking. When Riley gets in some trouble with family Louis thinks she hates him but he does all he can to get her back. And to save her from what happens next.

My first movella no hate please! Comment like and favorite and I hope you enjoy!!!! <3


3. Just trust me


"So now you decide to show up and help me with my fucked up life? Really? So now you care? Because last time I checked you didn't give a rats ass about me because you were 'too cool' to be around me let alone in the same presence." 

"It's not like that."

"Really then what was it like?" She says looking at me dead straight into the eyes. She Sporades I can tell. She's probably so pissed she can see straight. Man I want to kiss her so bad. I'm such a jerk. "Im looking for an answer! "

"I didn't leave you because I thought I was all high and mighty. I thought I could start fresh. With you. But you didn't want to hang out with them so I just never let it cross my mind that I was ditching you. Leaving you. Not for someone better but for someone I thought was good for me. But now all I know that is real is you. And only you Riley I'm so sorry!"

"The thing is, is that if you would have cared and would have even noticed or gave a shit about me then you wouldn't have left you would have been there for me when my parents died and when my aunt beats my ass every freaking day! You would have defended me from those low life's you hang around with and you know what you wouldn't have to deal with that snob of an ex-...." I stop her before she can say girlfriend my slamming my lips against hers. I hate Jessica never liked her. I only dated her because all my "friends" kept tellin me to go out with her. I never loved her the way I do Riley. And besides she never loved me the way she loves Derek so I guess is a win-win situation. I move my right hand to her cheek and move my left hand to her lower back she pulls away with a hiss of pain as I touch her. 

"Ow, don't do that."

"What happened? What did she do?"

"Just the usuall Louis. Nothing different."

"Let me see."


"Please I need to know if it's not too bad."

"Not out here"

"My place?" I question praying she says yes

"Yeah, okay. AnywHere is better than here."

I grave her hand and walk her to my house. Man I want to kiss her again. I want to be with her eveyday every moment and never miss a beat. I love her. I love everything about her. Her laugh her smile her EVERYTHING! I can't go a day without thinking about her and I wouldn't have it any other way! She is beautiful. 


I can't believe he kissed me! I never thought that would happen. Never in a million years. I want to kiss him again. That's all I want to do. I wish I could. I just think he might have done it so he could shut me up and be able to talk. And obviously that worked. I just never want to back to that hell hole I called home for so many years. 


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