Already Gone

Riley and Louis were good friends in grade school. But once they went their separate ways and Louis ditched Riley for popularity and Jessica she feels more and more alone! But once Louis and Jessica part ways Louis sees what he has done to one of his best friends and the girl he should be liking. When Riley gets in some trouble with family Louis thinks she hates him but he does all he can to get her back. And to save her from what happens next.

My first movella no hate please! Comment like and favorite and I hope you enjoy!!!! <3


1. Cheated

Louis POV:

"Don't waste your breath Jessica! I know you cheated on me! I know the truth! You went with him and have him a 'good time'" I said with tears whelling in my eyes.

"Now how'd you get that from?" Jessica said looking confused

"I got it from my two best friends Niall and Harry!"

" We'll what about Zayn and Liam?"

" Try weren't at the party at Derek's. The guy you hooked up with!"

" Look I was completely drunk!" She says to me knowing full well she doesn't drink. 

"Jessica we both know full well that you don't drink!" I say seeing a guilty look speed across Jessica's face. "I knew if you did mean to cheat on me! The boys were right I should have listened to them!" I say turning around tears now starting to surface. No! I'm not gonna cry not here not now! Not while I'm still here there's no way! And besides I need to be the strong one I knew this wouldn't work out! Just like all the other girls I just can't let go of Riley! I look back at Jessica, she was standing with her back to the puke green lockers she has her head in one hand then Derek walk over to her and a huge smile speeds across her face. My mouth drops open. Then Derek smiles and lays a kiss on Jessica's lips. I feel so much rage and sadness run over me! If only I wasn't such an idiot and ditch Riley, I know she wouldn't have done this to me!  I don't realize  I'm still staring cuz then Jessica looks over at me with a frown after they part lips. Derek then looks at me and gives me the death glare and I turn around and walk over to my locker! The only place I feel safe and that's because my locker is right next to Riley's. 

Rileys POV: 

How could Jessica do that to Louis! I mean he's perfect and so sweet! If he was my boyfriend I would never do that to him!!!.

Louis was pretty broken after the fight he had with Jessica. And I think the kiss that he watched set him over the edge! And what bothered me the most was that it was like Jessica didnt even care! How could she! I watch as Louis goes to his locker which is right next to mine! I doubt he even knows me even though we were best friends since beginning of grade school! I get so shy around him. Him and his huge biseps. And he's the AT&T player on the football team(soccer) I mean no wonder he was popular. Was gorgeous and really sweet! I mean I find it so amazing how he cares so much about the people who enter his life especially his girlfriends! As he walks to his locker I see he has tears in his eyes and hes sniffling. I manage to speak up" are you okay?" I say making sure my voice doesnt crack!

"yeah I'm fine." He says looking down as his voice cracks. 

" That um..... That didnt sound believable." I state trying to talk to him like I used to. 



"I'm so so sorry!" As he says those words I turn and watch him walk away. Why was he sorry? He was still there for me! Well in grade school. But still he knows everything about me! Well almost. He knows I love to sing dance and that I play soccer and lacrosse and that I'm the captain of both teams! He knows I used to get bullied a lot in grade school and he knows that I would starve myself because people would call me fat! But ever since we went to High School it's like he doesn't care about me anymore. He doesn't know that I cut everyother day. He doesn't know that most of my cuts are from my parents dying and living with my aunt who beats the crap out of me when i lose a soccer or lacrosse game. And he doesn't know that she was t always like this she used to be happily married with 3 kids. But her husband died of Pancreatic Cancer 5 years ago. And 3-4 weeks ago her daughter and two sons died. Both sons were in gangs that sold and bought drugs. One died of drug overdose and another died in a gun fight. He was shot in the stomachs from a man in the different gang. Then the daughter suicidally killed herself. No one knows why! Her friends said she was loved by everyone and no one cyber bullied her so the police thought that she maybe couldn't really with the pain of losing her mom, dad, and brothers. My aunt was in and out of rehab. When she started doing alcohol after her husband died her addiction got to the point her children couldn't stay with her so the police took them from her. 

When my aunt learned of their death she beat me so badly that when i showed up to lacrosse practice my coach didn't let me play. He sent me to the nurse. While she examined my body there was a small cut on my stomach from where my aunt had pushed me into a mirror and breaking it and me landing on shards of glass still sticking up. I pulled as many shards as i could out of my side as possible. But while the was bad my bruises were worse. They were a purlplish blue color and they were hard not to notice especially in my practice jersey. As I looked at the nurse she would widen her eyes while finding more bruises. The only bruise that was the most noticeable was the one on my face. It was the worst blow my aunt had ever taken on me. Her boney knuckles hit my cheek bone with so much force my head swung around hitting in the same place up against a pole right behind me. She had walked over to my ear and whispered, "You ran into a pole." I nodded my head making sure she saw me. I could smell the liquor in every breath. It was disgusting. But i felt really really bad for her. I mean she lost so much in a short amount of time it was pretty sad. She walked up the stairs with heavy feet. I  could hear her plopping herself on the couch and turning on the tv an falling asleep. I knew that if i walked up now in her rage she would hit me again and worse so i sat up on the floor breathing slowly and deeply. I got up and looked at the dingy mirror in our some what of a basement. My eye was pretty swollen and killed. The pain was unbearable. But i dared not to cry not while she was still awake.

The flash back to that night made me wonder what was going on in his life?

Louis POV:

She looked so pretty. Just like in grade school with her brown/blonde/red/dark brown hair (yes she had lots of colors of hair but they looked gorgeous!). She seemed so hurt and shy. I wish i didn't leaver her she was such an amazing friend. I wish i would have asked her out when i had the chance. But knowing how i left her in the dust like that who knows if Riley would hate me or like me! I doubt she does. I bet you she thinks i don't care about her. That i ditched her because she wasn't good enough for me. But let me tell you something, i broke her heart an di would od anything to go back to that first day of High School and change everything.



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