Safety - Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction

Allison McKenzie is a normal girl - or so she appears on the outside. On the inside, she's breaking from the intensity of her past. She's haunted by what she's experienced, and far too paranoid to believe it can't happen again. But when she meets young singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, will he become the only safety she's ever truly believed in?


1. Chapter One

I shivered slightly as the air from the A/C cooled my skin, causing chill bumps to form on my upper arms. I pulled my comforter up to my neck and leaned back against my bed, unsure what to do. The apartment was quiet with only me occupying its small space. Sometimes - more like most of the time - I wished I didn't live alone. I was afraid, weak, and vulnerable. If Jesse decided he wanted to have a punching bag again, I was screwed. Jesse was my abusive ex-boyfriend. The way he saw it, however, there was no "ex-." I was most definitely terrified of him and there wasn't much that could change my mind.

   I thought up lyrics to a song until I came to a point where I decided to sing.

   "And they say I'll be okay, but I'm not going to ever get over you," I sang in a soft, high-pitched voice.

   That song made me sad. As stupid as it sounds, it reminded me of my old dog who had died. I missed him a lot, even though that was seven years ago when I was eleven. It's not easy for me to get over things, but I'm guessing that's already more than obvious. Just like I haven't gotten over an abusive ex-boyfriend. My best friend, Diera, tries to make me feel better but it's only temporary. He's not going to be in Hawaii forever. 


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