Miami Beach

This story is about a 17 year old girl named Ariel, who lives in Miami, Florida and finds love with a guy named Dylan who is from California and comes down to Miami every summer to visit family.
in this story:
Ariel finds love,
friendships are broken,
and the question she's been avoiding, what will happen after summer...


3. Dylan's POV: Let's Smoke

“Damn Bro where are they? They said meet here at 4 right?”

“Yeah Connor, I think that’s what they said. What time is it now?” Jake said

“It’s 4:30, J” I said.

Girls always run late, and the bigger the group the later they run. But they were worth waiting for. They were the nicest girls that hung out here, all the other ones acted like bitches.

“Hey, there they are” Connor said pointing to the left coming from Ocean drive.

Me, Connor and Jake waved our hands to get their attention. They started walking in our direction, and I couldn’t help but notice that fine ass girl Ariel, I think was her name. She was a real cute girl; she was short with tan skin, long brunette hair, green eyes, with a kick ass smile. I didn’t really talk to her yesterday but today I was gonna make sure I did.

“Hey guys” Octavia said

“Hey what’s up?” Me and Connor both said at the same time while nodding our head.

“You guys ready to smoke?” Dee said.

“Yeah we were just waiting on you guys, what took you so long?” I said

“Oh well hungry ass, Ariel and Dee wanted some food.” Rayleigh said.

“Um, no don’t try and act like you didn’t eat. Bitch you stuffed that whole hamburger in your mouth.” Octavia said to Rayleigh

“Okay guys, lets not start this again” Ariel said to Octavia and Rayleigh

“Haha! Anyway are you guys ready to smoke?” I said, looking at Ariel.

She blushed and looked down at her bag and they all said yes.

We all walked down to the bottom rocks and sat on the sand, I made sure that I sat next to Ariel. I could tell she was a little uncomfortable, and honestly so was I but all that would go away once we started smoking. Finally, Dee pulled out the pipe and Connor grabbed the weed and lighter and Octavia lit it up and we took two hits and passed the pipe and the lighter.

After 15 minutes of smoking we were all high and sitting in a circle talking about stupid shit that didn’t even make since. Ariel was cute when she was high; I liked the way she laughed and the dumb jokes she would tell. I knew that if I didn’t say something to her about hanging out soon I would regret it. But my problem was getting her away from the group. Thank God Octavia was starting to get hungry and mentioned that we should walk down to Mom’s New York Pizza on 11th street and eat. We all got up and grabbed our stuff and started walking. I knew this was my time to get her to walk behind the group so I could ask her.

“Ariel” I said and she looked back

“Walk with me” I said. She stopped walking and waited for me to catch up with her, by that point the group was far enough ahead for us to see but too far for them to hear what we were saying.

“What’s up” she said.

“Nothing” I said

“Well you wanted me to walk with you?” she said with a puzzled look on her face.

Damn, no girl had ever made me feel this intimidated before, I wanted to ask her but I didn’t wanna look stupid. So I just spat it out.

“So do you wanna like hangout sometime, I mean not smoking and not with all them, just like me and you?” I said with my eyes looking down.

“Like a date?” she said with a smirk on her face.

“I mean if that’s what you wanna call it, but if you don’t wanna call it that then we can call it hanging out, but that’s if you wanna go.” I said

“Yeah, I would love to go. And it’s a date.” She said with a smile on her face.


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