Miami Beach

This story is about a 17 year old girl named Ariel, who lives in Miami, Florida and finds love with a guy named Dylan who is from California and comes down to Miami every summer to visit family.
in this story:
Ariel finds love,
friendships are broken,
and the question she's been avoiding, what will happen after summer...


4. Ariel's POV: He Asked Me Out

I’m totally in shock right now. I mean I liked him, and I knew he probably thought I was cute, but I was not expecting him to ask me on a date… and plus we kinda just met. Oh my Gosh I can’t wait to tell Octavia. I know she’ll be excited for me, and maybe this can be an excuse to go shopping.

“How far is this pizza place?” he asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“It’s on 11th street, which is like maybe ten more minutes walking from here” I answered.

“Okay, cool.” He said.

“Why are you guys walking so far behind us?” Octavia yelled.

“Haha, we’re lazy!” I answered

“Well come on you lazy bums its almost time to cross the street!” she said

Me and Dylan just looked at each other and laughed and did a quick jog to catch up with the rest of the group.


Eventually we made it to the restaurant, and everyone put in their order, and we all sat down at two tables that we moved together. I lived for days like this, hanging out with friends and not giving a fuck about school, or curfews, just enjoying my summer. Octavia wanted me to sit next to her so I did. And Dylan sat across from me and we both looked at each other and shyly smiled and looked somewhere else. When our food was ready the guys went to get the pizza at order counter.

“Tavi, spend the night tonight, I’m gonna need your help!” I whispered.

“Okay! You need my help with what?” she said

“Just spend the night and I’ll tell you about it!” I said

I didn’t wanna tell her in front of everyone because I didn’t want Dee and Ray to say anything and make things more awkward.

By then the boys had come back with the pizza and sat down and we all ate, laughed and talked till 10:30. We probably would’ve stayed longer but the manager of the place told us they were closing and we needed to leave.

Me and the girls walked with the guys till we got back on Ocean Drive and we parted ways to get to our car to go home. When everyone was saying bye, me and Dylan looked at each other and smiled.

He walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper with his number on it and whispered “Text me.”

I coyly smiled and nodded my head.


Dee and Rayleigh got in Dee’s car and me and Tavi got in mine.

“Tavi, do you need to stop by your house and get some clothes?” I said

“Nope, I’ll wear yours” she said.

“Ha! Okay just make sure you give them back because you never do!” I said

“Haha! Ehh, maybe.” She said laughing

“So, what did you wanna tell me?” she said with a serious face.

“Dylan asked me on a date for tomorrow.” I said smiling widely

Her face kind of scrunched up a bit, “What?” I said

“Nothing, I didn’t think he was your type?” she said

“I don’t have a type!” I yelled smiling

“Um, yes you do! You like boys, who wear tool tops, cargo shorts and Sperry’s. Not guys who wear snapbacks and actually have swag, he’s more of what I like.” she said.

“Well maybe I’m changing my type” I said smiling.

“Ha. Yeah.” She said dryly.

The rest of the car ride home was a bit awkward and silent. I kind of regretted that I asked her to spend the night. She didn’t seem like she was happy for me, and it almost seemed as if she liked Dylan too. But before I jumped to conclusions I crossed that thought out of my head and blasted the radio to drown out the silence.

When we got to my house the porch light was on which meant my parents were sleep. Me and Octavia went up to my room and she went straight to sleep. I pulled out the piece of paper with his number and grabbed my phone to text him.

“Hey, it’s Ariel.”

“Hey! Where do you wanna meet tomorrow for our date? (:”

“I don't know. You asked me on the date so you have to plan it! lol :)”

“Haha! Okay, wear something pretty and I’ll pick you up from Wuka at 7 (:”

“Okay! Sounds good! :)”

I tossed my phone on the floor went to sleep. 

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