The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


38. The End

Too Many Years later..

Harry's last Point of view) She left that day, I've not herd a word from her. My Love for her grew. And grew. I've not many years left now, But I prayed and prayed everyday that the day I die I see her.. Just one last time. '' Just one last time please.. god.'' I whispered night after night. And I've yet to find my love.. I look Outside Of my window Looking down at the people walking by Each couple holding hands that I saw.. I felt her hand on mine again. Every couple that Kissed I felt her lips on mine, Those thing I miss most.. Just holding her. When the sun goes down I lay in bed. looking up to the ceiling '' Just One last time.. Please god.'' I say before closing my eyes feeling a sharp pain In my chest. Her smile, Her voice.. 'Her' Was all I could think of. I felt Myself dying my. My soul leaving my body.


I Open My eyes to blinding lights. I hear giggles, But not just any giggles.. Scarlets. I walked around Following the beautiful sound. I stop Dead In my tracks as I see her. Tears form in my eyes, She looked exactly how she did when I first met her.. Same beautiful brown eyes, Same Brown hair. Like she had not aged. I reached out to touch her but I stopped when I saw My hands. They were smooth no longer old and wrinkled, My tattoo's standing out more as well. I looked Up at her with tears In my eyes. She also was crying. '' I missed you..'' She whispered walking towards me so close our noses touched. This is the day I've Been waiting for, This moment. '' I mis-sed you more..You have no ide-'' I was cut off by her lips. oh so soft I could taste our love, As odd as that sounds. she pulled away out of breathe. '' I missed that more..'' I looked into those eyes And I saw Myself  in Her like she had a part of me. I placed my Hand on her cheek , '' Thank you for this one last time.. thanks god.'' I said, she giggled '' What are you talking about styles?'' She asked. I pulled her into my arms. '' Nothing..just nothing.'' THE END.

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