The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


33. his game

Scarlets pov) I was sitting in Harry's car He Hasn't spoken since we left the house. I still have not a clue what happened to Justin.. Every time I think about it I tear up. Harry Must have seen That I was crying because he pulled the car over. He stopped the car and turned to face me, I quickly wiped my tears hoping he wouldn't notice. '' Are.. Are you scared of me?'' He asked. I shook my head no but he could tell I was lying, He pulled me into a hug and That's when I just broke down into tears. I just berried my head into his chest. and cried and cried.. '' I'm sorry..'' Was all he said before I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. Next thing I knew I felt very sleepy..


Scarlets Pov) I woke up in a large room.. It sort of looked like a castle. I sat up in fear , not knowing where I was.'' Hello?'' I said Hoping someone would come to my rescue. but nothing.. I finaly looked at the nightstand to see a note from harry..

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