The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


21. feeling alright

Perrie's Pov) I was driving Scarlet Back to Her and Harry's House. Every since We went To top shop She's Been feeling a bit Under the weather. I cant Blame her Though, I mean It must be tough Being the Girlfriend Of Harry styles Not to mention she Is Best friends With Justin Bieber! '' Are you alright ?'' I asked with a Guilty exspression on my face. I mean It was My Idea to go shoping and if it werent for me She would not be this upset. '' Yeah Im alright, I just Need something to take my mind off things...'' She replied Not making Eye contact. An Idea Poped into My head. '' EH! why dont we go out and get smashed?!'' I asked. '' Smashed ?'' She asked confused. I giggle forgeting she was American And didnt get what I was saying. '' I mean Lets Go out and get drunk.. You know Like To A club?'' I said. '' Well.... I-I guess.'' She said unsure. '' WHOOP! AHH! PARTY PARTY!'' I yelled excited

------------------------2 HOURS LATER-----------------------------------------------------------------------SCARLETS POV) It was now 7pm.I was getting Dressed To Go clubibng With Perrie. To be honnest I was  excited I havnt been clubing in a while. I was Wearing a Nude colored dress With matching heels, The dress I was wearing was really Short Im glad Harry's Not home Because Im not to sure he would aprove. I grabed my little purse And Texted Perrie That I was ready. Not aymoment later She texted me back telling me she was on her way. I giggled at her excitement. About 10 minutes later I herd a honk Outside the house. I grabed my bag and Walked outside to see Perrie waving at me through the front of her car. I walked Up to her car pulling on the handle Hoping inside the car

---------------------At the club

SCARLETS POV) Me and Perrie walked In and I walked strait towards the bar, She giggled at my actions but I just ignored. '' 5 Shots please'' I asked The bar tender. '' Of what? He replied. '' The strongest thing you have'' I said , He nodded. and soon I looked infront of me to see 5 shots of something clear.  didnt really care what it was I just needed something to take My mind off of all the Drama in my life. I downed The shots in a matter of seconds. '' Whoa slow down there'' Said Perrie. But it was to late I was already drunk And ordering another drink. After that.... I just blacked out..

--------------------------------Next morning----------------------------------------------------------------------------

SCARLETS POV) I woke Up in a strange Room It looked familiar But I couldnt really Make out where. My head Was pounding I lifted Up the sheets To look down at my bare body. I could not belive I was naked... That means.. I had sex with someone, But who? Suddenly I herd the toilet flush I prayed that when The bathroom Door opened It was Harry.. But when The door swung open .. It was....



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