The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


10. conclusion

" You did what?!" Justin yelled throwing his hands in the air, I had just explained my kiss with Harry. " That was not part of the plan!" He yelled running his fingers through his hair. I knew he would be upset but not this upset, he's never yelled at me like this before. "What do you mean this wasn't part of the plan!? The whole reason were here is to try and Harry to realize I'm right for him!" I yell stomping my foot.

"Why?" Justin asked with tears in his eyes, "I-dont understand" I said looking at the floor." YES YOU DO!" he said grabbing my arms. " WHY!? DONT YOU LOVE ME" he asked yelling so loud my ears could burst." Stop! Your hurting me!" I said yanking my arms from his grip. " Call me when you have stopted breaking hearts" He said walking out of the door slaming it behind him.

Scarlets pov) Its been two weeks since Ive seen Justin Or Harry. I been keeping my distance to try and clear my head, So far all I can think about is Justin. I miss him, I miss his everyhting. His smile The way he talks. Our inside jokes. But I am also having a hard time forgetting About the way Harry kissed me.It was amazing Ive never been kissed that way before, It was like a whole world split in two and I have to pick one. I decided to Visit Justin Since He's the one Who I seem to not get out of my head. I got Dressed in a plain white tank top ,Jean shorts and black toms.I Walked outside in search of a cab, As I spotted one I Lifted up my arm and made a wave like motion. To my luck A cab came my way, '' To Hollywood Hills please'' I said as I got into the cab. The driver looked at me with wide eyes,I giggled and nodded my head. He started the car and I watched as we passed the various stores and houses. Finally I saw Justins house in view,'' Miss I cant go any further. It would be tresspasing.'' The cab driver said. I nodded my head and gave him The money. I hoped out of the cab and watched it drive away, As I came around the corner towards his front gate I was shocked. There was usually girls all over his front gate, Shruged My sholders and rang the buzzer. '' H-ello?'' A suprised voice asked through the speaker, ''Its me...'' I said. The gates instantly opened, They were also quick to close behind me. As I made My way up towards The front door I didnt even have to knock. It flashed open, I saw justin,He looked awful His hair was messy He had no shirt on and he had more tattoos. His eyes began to tear up as he looked at me up and down, He ran towards me and gave a tight hug. '' I miss-ed you s-o much'' He said now sobbing into my neck. '' I promise ill never leave you again '' He said now looking into my eyes. '' And thats a promise you had better keep bieber'' I said putting a wide smile on his face.

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