In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


21. The Truth


Liam’s POV

I couldn’t process what just happened in the restaurant. That’s wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t supposed to see her, especially with Niall! How could he do that to me? How could he try to still my girl away from me?

She’s not mine. Now I bet she doesn’t want to ever see me again.

Why was I such a jerk to her?

I couldn’t help but be angry with her and Niall. I was just so blinded by jealous that I blew up on her.
I just wanted to apologize to her.

When Becca ran out of restaurant, I so badly wanted to go after her but I couldn’t. I felt myself stay in the spot I stood. Niall gave me death glare before going after her. It hurt so much to see your best mate go after the girl you love.

I do love Becca. I know now that I do.

Dani has not spoken to me since we left the restaurant. I’m honestly terrified of what will come out of her mouth. Once we arrived at her flat, she didn’t say a thing nor move a muscle. She just continued to stare the front of her, lost in thoughts.

“Why Liam?” She finally asked me. There was sadness in her voice.

“Why what?” I ask stupidly.

“You know what!” She snapped at me. Her eyes dark, no beauty or shine in them.

“Why were you seeing my sister behind my back? How could you do that to me? With my own damn sister after I told you to stay away from her!” She yelled at me.

“Dani, we’re just friends or at least we were…”

“Shut up! Just shut up! I know damn well that you are more than friends…” She trails off and speaks again. “Well at least you use to be. She looks happy with Niall, I don’t blame her for wanting to be him, and he’s a good guy unlike some people.” She says to me. My mouth falls to the floor.

I grit my teeth, now I’m angry.

“You know what? Fine! Yes, I was falling for her! I did fall for her! I didn’t purposely want to hurt you at all. But we don’t have a connection anymore Danielle. I feel like I’m forcing myself to be happy with you and I don’t want that. I want to be genuinely happy with someone. She makes me happy! You know she is so insecure and lonely, I feel bad that no one is there to tell her she’s beautiful, support her and to comfort her. Where are you when she needs that someone Dani? You’re her sister and I hate when you talk shit about her! It just makes me so mad that you think you are better than her. You’re not Danielle, OK? You need to start being a better sister to her or else you will lose the best and only sibling you have.” I tell her truthfully.

She stares at my in shock and hurt with tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m not surprised at all that you both did this to me! I thought you loved me but I was so wrong! You don’t feel the way I feel about you. Now I don’t feel so guilty that I cheated on you.”

That caught me off guard. Completely.

“Y-you cheated on me?” I ask in disbelief.

“With Trevor,” she says not looking at anymore.

Fucking Trevor, I should have known. Now I really, really hate this guy.

“Why the hell would you set him up with Becca when you were messing around with him?” I yell.
“Because the closer he would get with her, the more times I could see him behind your back!”

I was fuming with anger. I can’t believe she would do that to me. Though, I was going to see Becca behind her back too but that didn’t end up happening, but still, she was going to end up hurting her sister too. What if Becca had end up liking Trevor. If she found out that he was only dating her so he could secretly be with Danielle, that would have killed her.

“This is what I’m talking about! You are horrible! How could you plan something like that and end up stabbing me and Becca behind our backs!”

“Don’t start pointing your finger at me Liam! You and Becca were I’m sure, sneaking around as well! How could you do that to me? How could she do that to me? Trying to steal you from me?” A tear slipped out of her eye.

I sigh. “We both hurt each other OK? You cheated on me and I cheated on you. I know me having feelings for your sister is wrong. I’m sorry.”

“Well you know want to know something?” She asks me. I don’t say anything so she continues. “I saw this coming… Not really you falling for my sister but I saw that our relationship was going to fall apart somehow.” She frowns.

“I did love you from the start Dani but… things change I guess, feelings change,” I told her.

Tears ran down her face and I frowned at the sight. She wiped them away and sniffled.

“I know, it just hurts, that’s all,” she shrugs.

We stood in silence for a while, just thinking.

Just then her phone started ringing.

“Hello?” She answered. I watched as she listened to whoever was talking to her. “What?” She gasped in shock. “Are they OK mum? . . . . Oh my gosh!” She began to cry and now I was worried. “I’ll be there soon, bye,” she hangs up.

“What’s wrong, what happened?” I ask.

“Niall and Becca got into a car accident,” she says in a whisper. “It doesn’t look good for them, Liam.”

That’s all I needed to hear until I was out the door with Danielle trailing right behind me.

The one thing I couldn’t stop saying in my head on the way to the hospital was, “Don’t leave me Niall and Becca, I’m sorry.”




A/N: I'm so sorry its been forever since I last updated! I havent had time to just sit down to think and write because all I do it go to my classes, study and do homework, go to work, and sleep. I don't even get more then 6 hours of sleep a day! I try to write on weekends but I've been going out of town or I have to go family gatherings, it's hard. But today since its Friday, I only had two morning classes and I'm off today so I got to FINALLY to write something. I know its not that great of a chapter, sorry. Will update soon! Love you all! <3

- Manda Rae


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