In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


11. The Moment


Liam’s POV

Why does she do this to me? Why does she have to be so sweet and cute and just amazing? I had to see her today. I hated that I didn’t even speak to her last night. Sure, I enjoyed going out with Dani but it made me made when she was having fun with Trevor. I wanted to be the reason she smiled and laugh last night.

I admit, maybe I do have crush on her but it’ll pass right?

I can’t believe I have crush on Danielle’s little sister. Well, she maybe her little sister, but she a year younger than me.

I look down at Becca whose still in my arms and she has tears in her eyes. I smile at how cute she is. After I Am Legend, we decided to watch Forrest Gump. It was already the ending when Forrest is talking to Jenny’s grave by their special tree. You can see that Forrest is trying not to cry as he talks to his dead wife and best friend.

A tear falls from Becca’s eye as she watches intensely at the movie. Her face carries a frown and I frown because of it. I don’t say a word, only watching her carefully. She hasn’t noticed that I’m looking at her.

“I love you too papa,” Little Forrest says to his dad. Forrest looks proud of his son as he goes onto the bus for his first day of school.

The movie ends as the feather blows into the wind rising up into the heavens.

A peaceful ending.

“Uh! I love this movie!” Becca says as she wipes her tears and chuckles half-heartedly.

“Don’t cry babe,” I smile and squeeze her.

She looks up at me and smiles. “What time is it?”

“Erm,” I look for my phone in my pocket and take it out to look at the time. “It’s six o’clock on the dot,” I tell her.

“Want to order that pizza now?” She asks happily.

“Sure!” I nod and get up to get the number for the pizza place.

After ordering one large pepperoni pizza, I come back and see Becca looking in deep thought.


“Hm?” She doesn’t look at me.

“What’s the matter?”


Rebecca’s POV

When Liam left to go order the pizza, I felt still a little sad over the movie. It was a sad ending but yet it was a happy one. It was cute how Forrest reunited with Jenny and his son even though he didn’t know about it. You would think that after they get married and they spend together as family, it would end like that. No. It doesn’t end like that. Jenny is sick and leaves them. Yet, Little Forrest is OK with having just his daddy around.

I wish for an ending like that; No, not an idea where I die tragically but an ending that turns out peaceful. By the end of my life I want to have what most women want. To marry a man, to have children and watch them grow, to have memories with them that you will never forget until the day you die but even when you leave, your children will remember and tell their children the memories of your life with your family.

I wish I could imagine who I could spend that sort of life with but I can’t.

The insecure person that I am, I don’t believe someone would marry me for me. For a second I think about Trevor. Could he may be my future husband?

It doesn’t seem right though; seeing Trevor as the one to spend the rest of my life with. I feel like we are better as friends. I do enjoy his company though.

Suddenly, I think about Liam.

I smile sadly at the thought of having Liam as my husband, to be the father of my children one day . . .


That can’t happen.

You would be the worst sister in the planet if you took your sister’s boyfriend whom she loves.

To think about Liam and my sister getting married one day, it actually hurts. I don’t know why.

Oh yeah, I know why, it’s because I like him a lot. More than I should.

I keep wondering why he’s touchy with me. I don’t mind but it hurts that we are only friends and nothing more. We can never be more than what we are because it’s dangerous.

If - which will never happen – we ever got together. All those One Direction fans would have my head and call me names that I won’t say. They will think I did this on purpose or that I hate Danielle or something. I love my sister. Sure, she treats me differently but that doesn’t mean I should hate her. I know she loves me too, she just doesn’t show it.

My mind was too preoccupied to realize that Liam had sat down beside me. I felt so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t know how to answer well enough so I just replied with ‘hm’ and when he asked me what was wrong I didn’t respond. I can’t tell him. I can’t.

Having these thoughts had me realize that we aren’t in a fairytale book. Reality check, a girl like me doesn’t get the boy in the end. A boy like him can’t like a girl like me, not while he already has your sister who is ten times better than you. Our friendship won’t last in the end. Trevor will stop thinking me as this ‘amazing girl’ in a few days, that’s how things work.

Wow, since when did I become so negative?

Oh yeah, since my life began to suck.

“Hey, Becca look at me,” Liam says worryingly. Oh yeah he’s still trying to talk to me.

I slowly turn my head to look at him. He frowns and wipes the tear that I didn’t even know that fell from eyes. Why am I always so emotional when I’m with him? I usually cry when I’m alone in my room. How many more times must I embarrass myself in front of him? He must think I’m such a baby. But, I guess I am.

I feel like I’m not who I thought I was when I’m with Liam. I never had confidence, I never wanted to be dangerous and sneaky, and I didn’t even care about my future when it came to guys until I started have my old feelings for Liam come back. I especially didn’t know I had it in me to go behind my sisters back and secretly like her boyfriend. What is wrong with me?

“Please,” he begs with sad eyes. “Tell me what you’re thinking?”

“I don’t know . . .”

“No, you do know.”

“Fine, I do know, I just won’t say,” I glance down not wanting look at him anymore.

 “Oh . . .”

I sigh in frustration. “I think I should go,” I suddenly say. No! Why did I just say that?

“Why?” He asks sadly.

Say you’re kidding, say never mind!

“I’m not feeling well,” I lie.

“Did I do something wrong?” His voice is full of hurt that it makes me frown.

“I’m sorry, I just, have a lot on mind,” I sigh and look at him.

“It could help a lot if you told me,” he tries again to get me to talk.

“Liam . . . ”

“Why do like keeping things in?” He says frustratingly.

“Because I’ve never have had someone to talk to,” I retorted.

“You have me now.” I could tell he wasn’t going to being safe with me anymore; he was going to tell me the truth of what he thinks.

“Fine you want to know? I was thinking about someone OK?” That’s all I was going to say. Of course I wasn’t going say I was thinking about him.

Surprisingly he rolls his eyes, not playfully. “Let me guess, Trevor?” He says annoyingly.

Sure I did think about Trevor but only for a moment and they weren’t thoughts of me admitting my love to him or anything, it was the complete opposite. I knew deep inside that I only like him as a friend and nothing more. Liam was the one who I thought about my future with, thinking about what it would be like and those thoughts made me smile.

Being the stupid person I am, I felt upset that he wasn’t fond of Trevor.

“What’s wrong with Trevor?” I ask questioningly.

He scoffs and stands up from the couch. “First, he was all flirty with you last night, which means he’s probably a player, he’s American! Second, he probably wants to be more than friends. And third, he is way too old for you!” He comments and not in a low tone if I may add.

“What’s with you and age?” I raise my voice. “You do realize that you and my sister are not the same age as well, right? She’s older than you! He is only three years older than me! You and Dani are farther apart from age than Trevor and I!”

“We aren’t talking about Danielle and I!” He yells at me. He has never yelled at me before and I honestly don’t like it. I mean I don’t like us fighting at all. It breaks my heart.

“Why are we talking about Trevor then? He’s just a friend and why do you care?” I yell back.

“Maybe because I’m your friend and friends care! You know, the only friend you got in your life!” He states.

 Ouch. That hurt.

He didn’t say it in a nice way, more like if it were a miracle to have him as my friend right now, as if it were impossible to have any at all.

My face grew hot and felt tears stinging my eyes, no don’t cry again.

“You know we are supposed to be getting along, not fighting and yet you sit there thinking about Trevor when you shouldn’t be!” He continues.

“Why can’t I?” I ask in a regular tone. I know that if I raise my voice it will crack.

“Because . . .” His voice becomes low.

“No, tell me Liam. Why can’t I think about the guy who I went out with last night? Why can’t you be happy for me? Why do you want me to be alone?” I was only asking this because I was really curious. I had this feeling inside that he was jealous. But why would he?

“Because you’re supposed to be thinking about me!” He yells. But this yell is full of frustration and sadness.

I’m shocked by his words but what is that supposed to mean? Now for sure I know he’s jealous but is it because he doesn’t want me think about anyone but him because we’re hanging out or because . . . he wants me to think about him as more than friend in my head.

“W-what?” I whisper.

“You know what? Forget it, just leave,” he sighs and covers his face with his hands as he sits back down on the couch.

I look at him sadly. I want to know what else he was going to say. I’m not giving up.

I knew this was serious when I saw him bouncing his knee up and down rapidly through nervousness. I slide closer to him and pull his hands from his face.

“Liam,” I say softly and he looks into my eyes.

He gently pulls one hand that I was holding in mine and puts in my cheek stroking it lightly. His touch is so soft and caring. His forehead then touches mine and my breathing becomes a bit heavy. I bit my bottom lip out of nervousness.

His eyes still bore into mine and then his nose touches mine and soon our lips are only an inch apart from each other’s.

This is it. This is the moment I’ve been dreaming about. To have a kiss stolen by Liam Payne.


A/N: Sorry to leave you guys hanging! Hope you liked it though! I will only update the next chapter if you leave me comments and I will update soon!! :)

- Manda Rae


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