In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


22. Scared, Sad and Confused

My mind wasn’t processing what had truly happened. Not only did my best friend get into a car accident… But also the girl I love…

“Liam please slow down,” Dani begged, you could hear the fear in her voice.

“No,” I said sternly and kept driving.

She sighed frustratingly but didn’t reply back.

When we finally did get to the hospital that Dani had told me - from the information she got from her mom – we rushed right inside and I immediately saw Danielle’s mother waiting for us.

“Mum,” she mumbled and hold in her tears. Dani’s mum smiled sadly and hugged her.

“She’ll be alright hun, she will,” she assured her.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“Apparently Niall was driving Rebecca home and a drunk driver from behind them slammed his car right into the back of them and Niall lost control of the wheel and they flipped over multiple times,” her voice cracked.

“That doesn’t sound like something she can come out alright from!” Dani shrieked.

“Doctor Michaels said they’re both in surgery,” she replied.

“Does the boys or Niall’s parents know?” I ask worryingly feel useless that I have to wait for them both to come out of surgery.

“They called Niall’s parents, and no, you should let the boys know,” she tells me.

My throat becomes thick but I nod in agreement and take out my phone from my pocket and look up Louis’s number first.

“Hey mate!” He says sounding cheerful.

“Louis… I- I need to tell you something,” my voice cracked.

“What’s wrong Liam?” He sounds more alert.

“It’s N- Niall and Rebecca,” I start to tear up.

“Liam, tell me now,” he says sternly.

“They got into a car accident Lou and they’re in surgery, I think it’s pretty bad,” I fake cough to make sure I don’t sob.

“What?! H-how? Why?” He asks shocked.

“Louis please tell Zayn and Harry for me? I need to go…” I trail off not wanting to talk anymore.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, text me the hospital address and I’ll tell the boys,” he says softly.

“Thanks Lou, I’ll see you soon…” And with that I hang up and text the hospital address.

I sat in the nearest chair and put my hands on my face and took a slow heavy breath.

I need them to be OK. I need to tell Niall I crossed the line and I’m sorry. I need to tell Becca I’m sorry…

And that I love her.

Rebecca’s POV

I don’t know how long was going to be surround by light, nothing else. It was as if there was no color in this world, it wasn’t beautiful, it was plain, boring and depressing.

But at least I wasn’t alone.

Niall and I sat side by side. He was holding my hand trying to figure out what had happened to us. All I could remember was that Niall was driving and then we both felt something hit us in the back of the car and then… Everything else is a blur.

“Niall, d-do you think we’re d-dead?” I whisper in fear.

“No, don’t talk like that, we’re not dead, we can’t be,” he spoke more to himself.

“But why are we here? Why aren’t we in your car or at least in a hospital if we got into an accident?” I question.

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he mumbled and closed his eyes.

“How are we together now? Why can you see me and I can see you?” My bottom lip quivered.

“Maybe because we have some sort of bond or something,” he guessed.

“I’m scared Niall,” I whispered and let the tears spill over.

“Shh, no don’t cry, we’ll be fine Becca,” Niall comfort me and held me close.

“I didn’t say goodbye to Liam,” my voice cracked and I cried harder.

“You’re not going to say goodbye, you’re going to see him again and you’ll work things out with him, I promise,” he says confidently.

“I’m glad you’re here with me Niall, I love you,” I sniffle into his chest.

“I love you too, we’re going to be alright, I know we will,” he says and kisses my head.

“Can you sing?” I begged.

I feel him nod and he starts to sing beautifully making me close my eyes so I can hear him clearer and feel better.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh
 Ooh, ooh
 Somewhere over the rainbow
 Way up high
 And the dreams that you dream of
 Once in a lullaby
 Somewhere over the rainbow
 Bluebirds fly
 And the dreams that you dream of
 Dreams really do come true
 Someday, I wish upon a star
 Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
 Where trouble melts like lemon drops
 High above the chimney top
 That's where you'll find me
 Somewhere over the rainbow
 Bluebirds fly
 And the dreams that you dare to
 Oh why, oh why can't I?
 Well, I see trees of green and red roses too
 I'll watch them bloom for me and you
 And I think to myself
 What a wonderful world
 Well, I see skies of blue and I see clouds of white
 And the brightness of day
 I like the dark
 And I think to myself what a wonderful world
 The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
 And also on the faces of people passing by
 I see friends shaking hands saying
 How do you do?
 They're really saying I, I love you
 I hear babies cry and I watch them grow
 They'll learn much more then we'll know
 And I think to myself what a wonderful world
 Someday I wish upon a star
 Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
 Where trouble melts like lemon drops
 High above the chimney top
 That's where you'll find me
 Oh, somewhere over the rainbow
 Way up high
 And the dreams that you dare to
 Why oh, why can't I?
 Ooh, ooh
 Ooh, ooh”

“We’ll be home soon, just rest Becca,” Niall whispers.

Home is not where my parents and Dani are…

Home is in Liam’s arms.

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