In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


1. Rebecca Sophia Peazer


Chapter 1. Rebecca Sophia Peazer


My name is Rebecca Sophia Peazer - but go by Becca - yes, I did say Peazer. I am the younger sister of the Danielle Peazer. You probably are thinking ‘oh my gosh, it must be so great having a sister like her!’. I would say yes but if I want to be honest then I’d say no it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister; she is sweet – sometimes – and fun, pretty – way more than I am – and she deserves all the happiness in the world. It’s just that Danielle has achieved so much in life for only being twenty-five and well since I’m only eighteen, I haven’t done that much. My parents expect me to be just like her in every way possible. They see her as perfect. I can’t be perfect. Being perfect isn’t possible. It hurts sometimes because the things I achieve, for example; the painting that I did for Great Ormond Street Hospital for the local auction to raise money as a donation from me ended up being sold for forty pounds! I couldn’t believe that and that made me feel like I did a good deed and I did a great achievement, but the moment I told my parents, they just patted my back and said ‘that’s nice’. I pretend like it didn’t hurt inside, but it did. There were other achievements that I did but apparently wasn’t the best news, like; being the second in ranking of my whole grade out of one hundred and four students, learning how to speak two languages – Spanish and French – and currently learning sign language, graduating, getting a job, doing charity work – even though I don’t tell them about that– and so on. Dani has done charity and sponsored too and they seem to think it’s amazing, yet not for me.


Some of these achievements I don’t mind them not caring about but when I feel like I did something great, as if I just took another step forward to a greater life or future, they don’t see which makes me take a step back because I don’t know if it truly was a successful thing to me.


There are times when I can’t even tell them how my day was because they bring Dani into the conversation randomly. My father has giving my talks about what my future should be like and of course almost like Dani’s. I don’t dance. I can’t dance even if I tried.


My passion is art and photography. Not dancing.


I always try to explain that to them both but it somehow gets pushed back inside their brains and they continue to tell me what I should be doing for my future.


Maybe I should just give up on trying making them happy. I’m sure they love me; I just wish they knew how much it hurts me that they want me to live someone else’s life and not mine.


Many times I have thought about running away, but I don’t dare actually do it because I’m not that unhappy. I do plan on moving out as soon as possible.


Although the thing that does make me unhappy is when I like a guy and we start to talk but then I find out that they're only talking to me so they can get to Dani. This has happened three times and it hurts a lot that a boy can’t like me for me because they want to be with my sister instead. I sorta just gave up on trying finding someone because it’s obvious no one wants to be with me. Which brings being insecure into my life. Also girls only want to be my friend because I’m related to Danielle. The moment I say ‘Hi, I’m Rebecca Peazer’ they instantly say ‘as in, Danielle Peazer?’ and I automatically say yes and the questions start about her and One Direction.


I have only met them twice to be honest. Remember when I said Danielle is sweet, sometimes? Well she doesn’t let me be close to them for some reason. I know she isn’t best friends with them except being great friends with their girlfriends Eleanor and Perrie. I love Eleanor, she’s so funny, sweet and crazy. She lights up the room automatically. I would kill to have friend like El. Dani doesn’t let me talk to El that much, unless in conversation but other than that, I’m not allowed to hang out with her and Dani because that’s her best friend.


I feel bad though sometimes because I know El has tried to becoming friends with me and I just shrug her off. I know she wants to know me more than just Dani’s litter sister. I do too but I can’t. If I did then I would be in trouble by my parents because Dani would tell them. And I don’t want to be any madder at my parents so I just listen to her orders.


My parents absolutely love Liam. They want me to find someone like him when I’m order. Psh, I wish so too. He’s very mature, kind hearted, funny, very good looking, and generous. The first time I found out that he was a way younger than her - actually only a year older than me – and we met him, I was shocked. I found it a bit odd but soon I just ignored it because I guess love is love?


I admit, when the first few times he came over for dinner, I developed a small crush on him and I believe it has gone away... I guess it showed that one night because the moment Dani and I were alone, she was angry at me. It became a rule to not talk to Liam without her being in the room, never become friends with him either.


I’d lie if I say I didn’t cry because I did. He’s a really nice guy and I know he must be a really good friend to others. I know we would have some sorta connection – in a non-romantic way – but now I would never know.

I remember I was a little sad when they broke up because I know Dani really loves him. She told me it had to do with the hate from the fans and also the pressure. Plus, they were both so busy that they hardly saw each other. But when the boys played in New York at MSG, they got back together. I believe that they’re going to start the Take Me Home Tour very soon and Dani is doing the X-Factor tour also so they’re trying to spend enough time together as possible. The last time I saw him was for New Years a few weeks ago even though I couldn't really talk to him.


I wonder what it feels like to be far away from someone you love. What it feels like to be in someone’s arms, telling you that they care and that you mean everything to them. The sweet feeling when someone gives you kisses on the lips, nose, neck and forehead.


I don’t think I will ever know or experience that with someone. I don’t believe no one can like me. If only I was like my sister… Too bad I’m not and honestly, I’m OK with that.




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