In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


16. It Happened


Rebecca’s POV


Liam’s words made my heart swell up. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say.

I never thought he would feel the same way that I do and yet he does. It shouldn’t be hard to decide what I should say but it is. I mean, yes, I do want him but we have to be serious about this. I don’t think I can handle getting hate from fans if they found out that I broke up ‘Payzer’. Well, I guess it could still be ‘Payzer’ but I disagree. That name was made for my sister and Liam, not me and Liam. What am I going to do?

How did I end up in this situation? How did I end up having my sister’s boyfriend liking me? I feel more terrible than you can imagine. My head is telling me to reject me but my heart aches for him.

There always comes with a price when you fall in love.

I guess the price for this would be dealing will fans, my parents, tabloids and gossip, a most of all . . . Dealing with Danielle. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle her. She’d hate me forever if she found out about this.

I continue to look at Liam for a long time. His expression was filled with fear and sadness.

“So . . . since you haven’t said a thing, I’m guessing it’s a no then?” He sighs and looks away from my gaze.

I don’t know what to say. Should I follow what my heart is telling me? Is letting Liam know that I feel the same way worth it? I know I’ll never have someone like me the way he does, ever again.

“Liam, I d-don’t know what to say,” I say breathlessly.

“Say anything, please!” He begs.

“I’m afraid,” I whisper and his eyes meet mine again. He takes face in his hands and his beautiful brown eyes stay lock with mine for a few seconds before he speaks.

“Don’t be,” he whispers back sending chills down my spine. How can I not be afraid?

“No Liam, I am. What about my sister? She will hate me; my parents will be even more disappointed in me and your fans… Oh god your fans will give me hell for this,” I feel the tears forming in my eyes.

“Shh, no no, don’t cry. I know that this situation is well, hard. But I don’t care. I never meant to fall for you. I did really love your sister but I fell as though are love doesn’t have the spark like it used to after we broke up the first time. I will always care about her, I swear I will. But you . . . I don’t think I can take it if you were with another guy, I think it hurt more than you think,” he tells me.


“Do you like me?”


“Do. You. Like. Me?”

“Y-yes,” I say nervously. He then gives me the biggest smile I have ever seen. This makes me smile a little as well and he pulls me close so that I’m pressed against his chest.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I just told you what the problem is Liam. Aren’t you worried about management, the press, fans, your parents, my parents, my sister, and what the lads will say or think about this?”

“I frankly don’t care. It’s my love life, not there’s. They can say all the things they want but my feelings for wont change. They can say how wrong it is but I won’t regret it. Please . . . Just give us a try, please?” He says and I can hear the begging in his voice. He really wanted me didn’t he? “Just trust me,” he says.

“I trust you,” I nod slowly.

“So we’ll try to ‘us’ out?”

I giggle softly and he chuckles. “Yes, we’ll try Liam.”

“Good . . . Now with that being said . . .” He trails off and I eye him curiously and then it happened.

His soft, moist and warm lips were on top of mine. I never imagined I would be kissing Liam ever. I began to kiss him back and I felt it. I felt that sort of . . . Spark? I got butterflies, I felt almost weak in the knees. This was the kiss that I couldn’t even explain well enough, all I know that it is the best kiss I have ever had. He continued to kiss me passionately and hungrily. I had already wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and he had gripped my waist in his arms. I never wanted to moment to end. I love it.

I never have snogged before . . . But with Liam, that was a new thing I learned how to do because he tongue found his way into my mouth when I was caught up in my thoughts for a sort second. It was strange to feel his tongue to be honest because I’m not use to it but I learned to like as we snogged for a few more minutes. When we finally pulled away to catch our breaths, I smiled up at him. He had our noses touching and slightly rubbing against each other.

“Wow,” was all he said.

“Wow,” I giggled with agreement.

“You don’t know how much I was looking forward to that,” he says.

“I liked it,” I admit.

“Of course, I’m sure I’m a great kisser,” he replies and I snort.

“Eh, you were alright,” I shrug and he gasps.

“Fine, then no more kisses for you then,” he begins to pull away but I hang on to him. He laughs raises me off the floor and hanging from his neck.

“No,” I whine. “I’m sorry you are a great kisser,” I say in defeat.

He chuckles. “So are you, babe. But I’m better,” he winks.

“Prove it then,” I challenge.

“Gladly,” and with that his lips come back onto mine. We kiss for a little longer until his phone rings. We pull apart and I sit on the recliner as he answers the phone.

“Hello? ..…Hey Dani…….Yes……Um, not now I’m actually tired right now…but look we um, we’ll see each other tomorrow alright? I have something to tell you……Yeah don’t worry about it, talk to you tomorrow, alright?......Yeah, good night, love. Bye,” he hangs up and sighs. I stand up and lean against his chest and he kisses my head.

“Dani?” I ask and he nods. “What did she say?”

“She wanted to come over right now but well you’re here so I just made an excuse and told her that I would see her tomorrow…”

“So . . . It really is going to be over between you two, huh?” I sigh.

“Yeah . . . But the reason why I want to see her tomorrow is because, I-I’m gonna break up with her,” he says sadly. Just the way that came out, it makes me feel guilty, horrible, selfish, and stupid for taking Liam from Danielle.

  But I think I love him.

“I’m sorry,” I frown.

“No, don’t apologize, I told you that I want to be with you because I do. I really do. Dani and I had a great relationship for a great three years but I think it’s time for new chapter in my life . . . With you.” His eyes are shinning and my heart melts. Why does he have to be so perfect?

“OK. But I still feel bad though,” I tell him.

“Me too, babe, me too,” he says and kisses my cheek and we stay in each other arms and let the guilt run through our minds. I hope I can deal with this, or else I’ll lose it.

Maybe with Liam, he's all I’ll need to get through what we have just created . . . I hope.



A/N: Aww Liam and Rebecca... Please tell what you guys think! I will give a shout out to the person with the best comment I get! xx

- Manda Rae :)


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