In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


13. Happy


Rebecca’s POV


“Wait so you’re saying you’ve never been on a rollercoaster before?” I ask in shock.

“Yes . . . But only because I get sick easily when it comes to heights,” Trevor says blushing.

“Aw don’t be shy about it,” I wink and he playfully slaps my arm making me laugh.

“We’ll have to take you on one soon,” I add making him dramatically gasp.

“Over my dead body!” He says making me laugh louder. “I’ll never let you take me woman, never!”

“Oh pwease!” I say giving him a pouty face.

“No. Don’t give me that face . . . Gah, fine! I’ll let you take me,” he frowns and I cheer and kiss his cheek. He smiles and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

Trevor and I have been hanging out all day. We went to have lunch and then we went roller skating, it was so cute seeing him help a little girl who couldn’t do it, he spent almost thirty minutes with her until she started to get it down right. I didn’t mind though, I was happily watching them the entire time.

Now we’re currently at the park just walking and talking and laughing.

“So I was thinking . . .” Trevor says.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Do you think you could accompany me to a friend’s wedding next week? I was going to go dateless but seeing as though there is someone amazingly wonderful and beautiful that I have in my life now . . . Do you think you would like to go with me?” He asks me hopefully.

My heart melted, I can't explain how amazing this guy is.

“I’d love to,” I smile and his face lights up.

“Great!” He says excitedly. I giggle and lean into him as we continue to walk.

Trevor’s phone starts ringing.

“Hello?” He says when he answers it. “What?” He listens. “But it’s Sunday!” He complains and groans. “Alright, but you so owe me for this Katie,” he mumbles. “Yeah, yeah, see you soon, bye,” he hangs up and puts his head back sighs.

“Something wrong?” I ask slowly.

“I’m sorry I know I told we would hang until late tonight but one of my friends named Katie is not getting down a routine that we learned this week and tomorrow we have to present it to the boss and if she doesn’t learn it correctly, she’ll get fired. I don’t know why she didn’t ask for help yesterday though I mean c’mon I’m in the middle of something here with you and now I have to -”

“Whoa! OK, it’s alright, chill Trevy,” I giggle and his chuckles.


“Yup, my new nickname for ya,” I wink.

“Eh, sure why not,” he shrugs.

“We can hang out sometime this week, don’t worry about it,” I tell him.

“OK,” he nods. “Let’s get to the car,” I nod and we get into his car and he drives me home.

Both my parents are home, they probably didn’t even know I left though.

“Thanks for a great day Trevy,” I smile.

“No problem sweet cheeks,” he winks and I look at him weirdly.

“Sweet cheeks?” He nods and response. “No, I don’t think so. Stick with Becca please,” I laugh.

“What about Angel?”

“I’m no angel.”

“But you fell from Heaven!”

I couldn’t help but laugh so hard at that and he began laughing too.

“I-I ca-cant b-believe you used that cheesy line!” I gasp and laugh harder. My stomach hurts so much I think I might cry.

“Stop laughing! My stomach hurts so bad!” He screams and laughs.

“Y-your fault!” I breathe in and out and stop laughing.

“I have never laughed that hard in my entire laugh,” I say after a few minutes of silent.

“I love hearing you laugh, it makes me feel like I can make you happy or smile,” Trevor says sweetly.

“That’s sweet,” I say and pinch his cheeky making him playfully smack my hand away. “I should let you go, I’ll talk to you later, alright?”

“Alright. But you must kiss me first before you leave Angel,” he smirks.

“Don’t call me that!” I whine.


“Please to what?”

“To the kiss and calling you angel,” he says.

“Fine,” I say and give him a kiss on the cheek. “But no to the name though,” I wink and jump out of the car before he can protest. I wave goodbye from the door and go inside.

“Mum, I’m home!” I say as I run up the stairs.

“Becca come here for a second dear!” My mom says making me sigh. I run back down and go into the kitchen.

“What’s up mum?” I ask and see her holding a large plate of cookies. “Did you make those today?”

“Yes, I made them for the bake tomorrow at work, I made too many so these extras are for Liam, I know how much he loves my cookies. And I want you to take them to Liam’s house. Dani is out of town for the day so I want you to take them,” she says and hands me the plate, whoa this is heavy.

“W-what?” I don’t want to go to Liam’s, I don’t want to see him right now, I was hoping to wait a few more days until I would talk to him again.

“Just go do it Rebecca,” she says.

“Why can’t you do it?” I complain.

“Don’t be rude! Just do as I say and take the cookies alright?” She snaps. I only nod in defeat and go grab my keys from upstairs and back down.

I take the cookies with me and put them on the passenger side and drive to Liam’s house. I’m a bit nervous to be honest. What if he doesn’t want to see me. What if he’s still upset with me.

Sadly, I have arrived to his place. I grab the plate of cookies went up the lift until finally I’m at his door.

Just say your mum made cookies and that they’re for you. Except this thank you and then leave. Sounds easy enough. I take a small breath and knock on his door.

I hear loud voices inside and it startles me for a second. Does he have company over? I shrug it off just as the door opens but it isn’t Liam. It’s Harry.

“Pizza- You’re not the pizza guy,” he frowns for a second but smiles.

“Uh, no, I’m not,” I say shyly.

“Oh, you’re Becca! Dani’s sister!” I only nod. “Come in, come in, I see you have cookies for us,” he winks and I blush. I take a few steps inside.

“I actually have somewhere to be so if you could just give these to Liam that would be great,” I lie and hand him the plate of cookies.

“Oh, uh, sure love,” he nods and I smile gratefully.

“Thanks, it was nice seeing you again Harry,” I say and before he can reply someone else walks in the room and thankfully it’s not Liam.

“Becca!” The Irish boy says and runs and gives me hug. I hug him back hesitantly but smile.

“Hi Niall,” I laugh softly.

“What are you doing here? Did you come to see Mr. Payne?” He asks.

“Actually my mum made cookies and -”

“Cookies?!” He shouts and just realizes that Harry is holding the tray of cookies. Harry’s smile fades as he looks at the now hungry face Niall.

“Niall wait let me put these -” he gets tackled by Niall and takes away the cookies and runs. “- down,” Harry groans. I had to laugh, I couldn’t help it. Niall is so funny and cute when it comes to food.

“You wouldn’t be laughing if this happened to you!” Harry says with a frown. I giggle and help him up as he fixes his hair.

“Well if you’re alright now, I think I should -”


“Why won’t you guys let me finish my sentence?” I complain as I look at to see who said my name.

Uh oh. It’s Liam.

“What are you doing here?” He asks as he looks at Harry and then back at me.

“Came to deliver cookies from my mum, but I’m leaving now so don’t worry,” I fake smile and open the door.

“No! Don’t leave please, I-I have to talk to you,” Liam says. He’s only a few feet away from me.

“Er, I’m going to go make sure Niall and the boys don’t eat all the cookies,” Harry says and leaves Liam and I only. The boys? Are Louis and Zayn here too?


“No, please let me just say that I’m sorry for being a jerk and for not even thinking when I let you walk out yesterday, I wasn’t mad at you but I was at myself,” he says, his face holding a sorrow look.

“It’s fine Liam, no need to apologize,” I give a smile.

“But I am still sorry,” he sighs. “Can we pretend yesterday didn’t happen?”

Yes and no.

“Sure,” I say in agreement.

“Great,” he smiles. “Do you, uh, want to stay and hang with the lads and I?”

“I don’t know, it seems like you are having a guys’ night,” I say unsurely.

“Actually, we had that last night, kinda after you left, I was a bit upset and I needed the lads so today they were just here with me all day. It be nice if you got to know them a bit better, please stay?” He asks hopefully.

“I guess, sure, why not,” I nod and he smiles.

“Lads! Becca is going to hang with us!” Liam shouts and Harry suddenly runs back in and hugs me.

“We are totally going to be bff’s! We’ll tell each other secrets and do each other’s hair and ooh it’s going to be so much fun girlfriend!” Harry explains in a girly voice.

“Mate, you’re scaring me,” Liam says.

“You’re just jealous!” He scoffs and flips his curls.

“Um . . .” Is all I can say and I laugh. I love this guy already.

“Liam! When is the pizza getting here?” Niall calls.

“Zayn you cheater, you looked at my screen didn’t you!” I hear someone say, must be Louis.

“No! You looked at my screen! You knew I was going to shoot you!” Zayn’s voice booms over Louis’.

“Let’s go see what’s going on,” Liam suggests and we follow him into the living room.

I was right. Zayn and Louis are here and they’re playing the X-BOX 360. Niall is on the floor still eating my mum’s cookies.

“Niall! I told you to stop eating those!” Harry’s normal voice returns and snatches the cookies away from Niall.

“Oi, don’t get in the way between my cookies and me!” Niall says frustradingly.

“No, don’t get in the way with me and MY cookies Nialler!” Liam says and takes away cookies from Harry. Niall pouts and glares at Liam.

“Tell your mum thank you by the way,” Liam tells me.

I smile and nod. “Sure thing.”

“Boys turn off the game and say hello to Becca,” Liam orders and they do as told.

“Hi, love! It’s great to see you again!” Louis says and gives me a hug.

“Same,” I say as I hug him back.

“Hello Becca,” Zayn says gives me a side hug.

“Hi Zayn,” I smile and hug him.

“Who wants to watch a scary movie?” Louis’ asks us.

Everyone’s arms shoot up except for my own.

Aw man.

"Look's like somebody doesn't want to," Zayn chuckles as he looks at me.

I only nod the boys figure out what movie to watch. I sit down and watch them argue and I giggle silently to myself.

For once, I feel so happy.

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