Over Again

Harry Styles, a member of the most hottest boy band in the world, one direction, has been dating Summer Clark. She is everything to him. Their relationship has gone on for a year without fail. Nothing could tear them apart. Nothing. Until after an accident which killed Summer. Harry is heart broken. He was just about to give up until he met someone who looks exactly like Summer.. Could it be? Is it her? Was this another chance for Harry to fall in love with her Over Again?


6. Hospital Trouble

Harry's POV

"Harry!" Summer screamed. Summer, what's wrong? Those words were the only thing in my mind. I was so confused and terrified. I could feel that she was full of terror. A split second later, I heard a loud truck honking. It was getting louder and louder until it crashed into us. Everything went so fast I couldn't see anything. All of a sudden, everything went black. Pitch black.

"Daddy daddy!" a little girl went up to me. I opened my eyes and saw a little girl who was about the age of 4. She was still in her pajamas. She was beautiful. She had light brown, wavy hair, brown eyes, and a one million pound smile. Just like Summer's. I smiled at the girl. Suddenly, a woman came into the room holding a baby boy.

"Now Charlotte, leave daddy alone. He's been working every hard you know? Let him have his rest." the woman turned out to be Summer. Charlotte, I've always wanted a daughter with that name. It's such a pretty name for a pretty little angel like her. Charlotte turned her head to face Summer.

"Yes mommy. I know." Summer smile. 

"Go get dress for school alright? Later, we could have pancakes! How does that sound?" Summer told her. She was always so great with children. She could be a teacher if she wanted to. I heard Charlotte said "Yay". She was so cute! After Charlotte ran out of the room, Summer walked towards me and sat on the bed. I sat up properly. The baby boy was also beautiful. He was a new born I think. "Little James just wouldn't stop crying last night" she said in a hush voice to me. I looked at James. He smiled at me. I don't think he could see my face clearly yet but he smiled. I smiled too. I pulled out my arms to carry him. Summer placed him gently in my arms. The feeling of having your own child in your arms is a wonderful feeling. I just wanted to protect little James forever! I cradled him a bit. This made Summer did a little laugh.

"He got your eyes Harry. Lets just hope he has your voice." I looked up at her. She bent down to kiss me. What was strange was that I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel her lips. Ouch.. I felt a sudden pain in my arm.

"Doctor, he's still breathing. But it's very faint" Summer said. However, it wasn't her voice. It was another lady's. But who?

"What's going on?" I said. As I looked down to James, he was gone. He was no longer in my arms. What is going on? I them heard people speaking. I didn't really understand what they were saying. Only then I realised everything I saw was just a dream. I was actually in a hospital. They were rushing me into a room. I tried to open my eyes. Everything was so blurry.

"Summer.." I whispered in the faintest tone.

"Doctor," another woman said, "He's awake. He keeps mumbling something." she leaned in closer while still running to hear what I was saying. "Summer! He keep mumbling Summer!" She said. We were finally in the room. I tilted my head to the side. There I saw her. Summer on the other side. She looked badly injured. There was blood everywhere. 

"Summer!" I quietly yelled. I started to panic and tried to escape where I was tied down to. All I wanted was to be next to her. I saw her slowly tilting her head to face me. She mouthed I Love You to me. Tears started to escape my eyes. A few seconds later, The doctors pulled a curtain to cover that area. "No!" I yelled even though the pain was killing me. I struggled to get out. Everyone was trying to hold me down. Everyone was yelling doctor. I then saw a needle. The doctor injected it into me. Everything again went all blurry. I again saw nothing but black. Pitch black.


I woke up on a hospital's bed. My mom and the rest of the band was there. I groaned and felt my head. Everything was still ringing. Just less.

"Eh look, prince charming is finally is awake" I heard Niall.

"Oh Niall boy, this is no laughing matter. Sweetie are you ok? How are you feeling? Does your head still hurt? What-"

"Mum.." I stopped her. "I'm alright.. I think." I touched my head again, making a face.

"I'm just worried about you." My mum kissed my forehead.

"Ow.." My mum sat next to me holding my hand. The rest of the boys surrounded my bed. They all looked pretty happy to see me. 

"How ya feeling mate?" Louis asked resting his hands on the side rails of the bed. He then gave me that Louis Tomlinson smile.

"I think I'm alright.. my head still hurts a bit."

"Well obviously it would still hurt." Niall said jokingly. Liam hit his balls which made Niall cringed in slight pain. I laughed. They like doing that when one of us says something stupid. They mostly do it to me but since I'm injured, they're gonna find someone else to do it on.

"Um.. guys, I think I need to use the loo so could you guys help me up?" Zayn was the first one to help me up. He is such a good friend to me. Ow.. It hurts getting up. I guess I was lying down for too long. I had Zayn and my mum by my side, guiding me to the loo. It was about 3-4 meters away. It felt further. 

"Do you need any help in there mate?" Niall asked making his voice a bit louder every word. Liam looked at him.

"Dont.." Niall said quickly covering his crotch area.

"No.. I don't Niall. Thanks anyways" I shut the door behind me. The first thing I saw was my reflection in the mirror. My hair was all messed up and I had 2 of those bandages for stitches. I also saw that I was wearing one of those hospital gown. It looked terrible. I would much rather wear my skinny jeans and blazer. I just needed some time to myself. I rinsed my face avoiding the small cut on the right side of my forehead. I fixed my hair with some water. After that, I leaned in closer to look at my cut. It was barely even anything. But suddenly, I saw her. Summer. She was screaming my name. I was there. Everything went quiet after the crash. Summer! Where is she. I quickly got out of the washroom. They were all waiting for me.

"Summer! Where's Summer?" I yelled. My mum and Zayn came to my side. They tried to help me get to my bed, but I refused. I needed Summer.

"She's in the operation room sweet heart. She went through the windshield remember?" my mum told me putting her hand on my chest. Remember? Of course I barely remember anything at all. But I did remember her mouthing I Love You to me in the emergency room. My nose started to tingle and my eyes were stinging from my tears. I held it all in. I finally allowed them to help me to my bed even though I didn't need any.

"I she alright?" I asked looking at everyone.

"None of us know yet mate" Louis replied. I slumped back. My eyes were not looking at anyone, or anything in particular. There was an awkward silent but I didn't care. All I was worried about was Summer.

"Hey," Louis began grinning. I looked at him as a sign of saying "what". "Why did the mushroom go to the party?" I gave him a a smile. He already asked us when we were doing one of our video diary. I saw everyone looking at him. Zayn however looked rather suspicious.

"Louis, you asked us this before already." I told him.

"I know I know. Just ask 'why'".


"Because he was a Fun guy" Louis finished. With his fingers, he did a countdown from 3. 3, 2 ,1. After the one, Zayn started to laugh so much! I remembered that he was also laughing hysterically in the video diary. His laugh made me laugh. "See.. see.. I made Harry laugh." Louis said proudly turning his head from side to side.

"Technically Louis, Zayn's laugh was the one that triggered Harry's laugh" Liam explained using his pointer finger.

"Since when do you use words like 'trigger'?" Louis rebutted to Liam stretching out the word you. Everyone laughed. We then started telling jokes and stories about our fans. Some were pretty scary and creepy. Niall said that he saw this girl taking his scrap in the garbage while we were at Nandos the other day. We were having a great time. My mum had to go because Gemma's car broke down and she needed a ride back home. We were laughing so much that I forgot all my worries.

"Oh yea! Remember that time when-"

"Excuse me," a doctor interrupted Niall. "You are Harry Styles, am I correct?" he asked. Everyone moved out of the way so the Doctor could see and come close to me.

"Uh, yes. That is correct. Is everything alright doctor?" 

"Um.. no."

"No?!" I started to panic. "What do you mean no?"

"It's about Ms Summer Clark."

"Summer?!" my face turned from happy to serious, and scared. "Is she alright?" I asked quickly. There was a pause. Everyone in the room was silent and all worried. They were all so very close to her. Especially Zayn. They are like best friends. The doctor took off his glasses and sighed. My hear rate my pumping fast. I could feel it. It running all over my body. My head was hurting, and my eyes were getting red.

"Ms Summer Clark is sadly no longer with us." I froze. Did he say what I think he just said? Is this just a nightmare? The tears came running down my face. My nose were getting blocked. Everything became a bit blurry from the tears in my eyes. Everyone in the room started to tear up. And Zayn, he walked to the window. I could tell that he was crying hard. I saw him slammed the side of his fist to the wall. Niall went to confort him. I struggled to speak from my broken heart.

"H..h..ho..how?" I manage to say.

"Well you see Mr styles, when she crashed through the windshield  it caused it big crack in her skull and there was a leakage of blood. We absolutely tried out best to save her but there were just too much blood." I looked up trying to keep the tears in but it didn't help. I cried and cried. The doctor put his glasses back on and quietly left the room. I never felt this kind of pain ever in my life. My fiance, gone. My love life, gone. Everything felt so empty and gone. I asked the boys if they could leave the room. The understood that I needed to be alone so they did. Zayn was the last one to leave. He looked at me before leaving through the door. More tearing came gushing down my cheeks. I clutched my fist very hard and pounded on the bed several times as hard as I could. Why? Why did this happen to me? What have I ever done to deserve this pain? Why, why, why? I cried again again. About half an hour had past and everything was still the same. I felt my eyes starting to puff up. Still, the tears kept coming. I heard a knocking at the door. I turned to see and found that it was Zayn. He came in and stood beside me while i stared at my feet that was under the blanket.

"She's gone Zayn. The girl who said yes to my proposal yesterday is gone." I was able to speak better than I was to the doctor. Zayn's eyes were still red. "And she was gone because of me. It was all my fault!" I began to cry again from anger.

"Your fault? How is it your fault?" Zayn asked trying to take the guilt away.

"She told me that I should continue driving and that it was getting late. I didn't. I didn't listened to her. I'm such an idiot!" I clutched my fist one more.

"Well it wasn't your fault and you are not an idiot. You were crashed into by a drunk truck driver. It was his fault to be drinking and driving, Harry. The street was deserted. If I were you, I would have not know anyone was behind me at that time of night."

"But I promised her it'll be alright. I promised her Zayn." I looked at him. He didn't know what to say after what I said.

"Look mate, I miss her too. Maybe not as much as you do, but she was my best friend and I know I have to forget about her death and move on. You should too. It'll be bad for everyone. Especially yourself. I don't want to be hurt and nor do I want you to be hurt. Summer will always be in our hearts no matter what." I knew he was write but I didn't say anything. Everything was still all so new. "Hey, how about me and the boys arrange a funeral for her. It'll be very special and perfect alright? You don't have to do anything. I know if you will, all the memories will come flooding back and no work will be down." I smiled. Zayn is one of my best friend. All the boys were. But Zayn was like the big brother who takes most care of me.

"Thanks mate. I owe you one." I was still very upset and heart broken, but I felt better knowing there will be a funeral for her that was going to be very special and perfect. Just like her.


This was a LOONNGGG chapter but what could I say.. I hope you guys love it so far. Do you mind telling your friends and others about this story? It's barley have an views. Thanks. :) Bye xx

~Angelina P.S. Follow me on Twitter @DIYbeautyTWEETS


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