Over Again

Harry Styles, a member of the most hottest boy band in the world, one direction, has been dating Summer Clark. She is everything to him. Their relationship has gone on for a year without fail. Nothing could tear them apart. Nothing. Until after an accident which killed Summer. Harry is heart broken. He was just about to give up until he met someone who looks exactly like Summer.. Could it be? Is it her? Was this another chance for Harry to fall in love with her Over Again?


1. Anniversary Surprise

Harry's POV

I woke up with Summer in my arms. It was pretty chilly but her warm body kept me from freezing. I stroked her hair. I felt her smile on my chest as I did. I loved everything about her. Her perfect brown eyes, her wavy brown hair, her faint dimples, and that one million Pound smile.

"Good morning" she said looking up at me. I smiled back at her and kissed her lips. She smiled at me again. We didn't do much because we enjoyed each other's warmth. I was shirtless, and she was in her bra and underwear. I wanted to sleep naked like what I always do when I'm alone, but she wouldn't let me. At lease, not yet I think.

"So what are we gonna do today?" I asked her. She sat up and combed her hair back with her fingers.

"Well I don't know about you, but I have an interview with that job I always wanted."

"You mean the modeling one, or the art one?" She got onto me and leaned in to give me another kiss.

"Both" She said.

"Babe, I told you that it's better to choose only one. It'll cause too much work for you. And I'll spend less time with you." I gave her that half smile with my eyes wide opened like a puppy. 

"Yeah I know," she grabbed her hair to put it on the side, "I really love both and I just can't decide. Besides, if one of them don't accept me, then I'll have a back up."

"And what if they both accept you? What will you do?"

"Well I don't know. I'll figure something out." I just stared at her with a serious face. She giggled. "What?"

"Nothing. I just don't want you to be stressed out alright? Now, when are these interviews?"

"The modeling is at 10 and the art one is right after at 11:30" She said tilted her head back and closing her eyes. I looked at my phone to check the time.

"Um.. babe.."

"Yeah?" I showed her the time on my phone. Her eyes widen and instantly jumped out of bed.

"It's 9:45?! I gotta get dressed! Oh my gosh!" She said running to the bathroom, still in her under clothe. I just sat there and laughed at her running around like a lost kid.

"Don't forget to put on some clothes!" I joked.


Summer's POV

While showering, i just couldn't believe he bought it. He actually thinks I'm going to an interview.  Now I got an a few hours to organise his anniversary surprise. I don't think he remembered the date but thats alright. It's our first anyways. I wasn't actually late but I had to pretend to get this whole senario going.

After showing, I got dressed into some casual but proper clothing, like as if i had to go to an interview for something creative. I had to pretend to rush things to be out of the apartment in time. When I finally finished, I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my keys on the kitchen counter. Harry was eating cereal and watching TV. I gave him a peck on the lips.

"Bye babe"

"Good luck!"



Harry's POV

Yes! I thought to myself. This gives me time to plan out our anniversary date in 2 days. Im not sure if she remembers the date because I never heard her talk about it, but that's alright. It's our first anyways. 


Sorry that it's short. I didnt want to bore any of you. Just to let you know, the story will get better after this whole beginning is over. Hope you guys like it. Follow me on twitter. Tweet me at  @DIYbeautyTWEETS . I'll appriciate it so so much. Thanks. Bye XX


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