Over Again

Harry Styles, a member of the most hottest boy band in the world, one direction, has been dating Summer Clark. She is everything to him. Their relationship has gone on for a year without fail. Nothing could tear them apart. Nothing. Until after an accident which killed Summer. Harry is heart broken. He was just about to give up until he met someone who looks exactly like Summer.. Could it be? Is it her? Was this another chance for Harry to fall in love with her Over Again?


4. A Not-So-Beautiful Mistake P1

Harry's POV

I was getting into my tux, and Summer was outside watching the telly. I fixed my black bow tie, and did my hair. After when I was satisfied with my look, I went outside to find Summer. When she saw me, she started to laugh a bit.

"What on earth are you wearing? Are you going to a wedding or something?" she asked me. I had to make something up fast. Again. Why don't I ever think of things ahead?

"Uh.. I just want to take you out to a really nice restaurant." I finally said hoping she doesn't suspect anything. She stood up.

"And.. why?" she asked stretching out the last word. Dang it. Not another question. I hesitated to answer.

"Uh.. Cuz.. Um.. I.." Think Harry think! "I wanted you to meet my parents." I was able to breathe after I said it. This girl is like so on to me!

"Really? You never wanted me to meet your parents. Anyways, Harry, I was wondering if we could just spend the night alone. Just us you know?" Oh lord.. this is going to ruin everything!

"But babe, please, I really want you to meet them. And they really want to meet you. Just please. Do this for me." she gave me that half smile, but her eyes were still looking disappointed. 

"Will it be long?" I smiled.

"No, we'll be back home at around 8:30" I told her quickly. She took a deep breathe and then exhaled.

"If I do go, then we have to do something that I want to do tonight alright?" she said to me.

"Yes yes. Anything." She did the inhale and exhale thing again. She always have a habit of doing it if she's going through a tough decision.

"Oh fine. I'll go to the dinner." She mumbled. I smiled even more and picked her up, and spun her around. When I put her back down, I told her to go look pretty.


Summer's POV

I had the TV on even though I was paying no attention to it. All I was thinking about tonight. The thought of it just makes me smile. My thoughts were then interrupted when Harry came out looking all so smart and well dressed. Harry doesn't normally like wearing those things often. I tried to hold it in but i started to laugh a bit.

"What on earth are you wearing? Are you going to a wedding or something?" I asked him with a smile.

"Uh.. I just want to take you out to a really nice restaurant." he told me. Oh no.. Out? But I already had our date planned out, and I thought he didn't remember our anniversary. Does he?

"And.. why?" I had to make sure what the reason was. This could ruin everything!

"Uh.. Cuz.. Um.. I.." He took quite a while to answer me. At this moment, I was almost gonna have a heart attack. "I wanted you to meet my parents." he finally continued. Me, meet his parents? Why? I've been trying to meet his parents ever so long ago! He always refuses and change the subject. Well, at lease it wasn't about our anniversary. Speaking of out anniversary  we can't go to the dinner. We could risk missing the date-slash-surprise i planned tonight.

"Really? You never wanted me to meet your parents. Anyways, Harry, I was wondering if we could just spend the night alone. Just us you know?"

"But babe, please, I really want you to meet them. And they really want to meet you. Just please. Do this for me." I gave him a half smile. Not a happy smile though. I hate it when he uses the word "please" twice in a sentence. It always gets me. Like always.

"Will it be long?" I saw him give me a smile. I wanted to smile back at him because his smile was just so beautiful, but I didn't. I needed to stay serious.

"No, we'll be back home at around 8:30" he told her quickly. I took a deep breathe and then exhaled. I really do want to meet his parents and the movie was planned at 9. I guess I could go. It would probably be a win win for me.

I showered quickly because I didn't want Harry to wait for me for too long. After I got out, I quickly bow dried my hair, and then curled it a bit. After that, I did my makeup. I did a natural look with barely any colour. I didn't want to go over the top with this. I had this dress at the back of my closet where I never worn before. I guess there wasn't any right occasion. It was a long, sleeveless dress. The top part has like 2 arches  Like the cupids bow on your lips but just rounder for your chest. There were sparkly sequins that goes less concentrated as it go further down my dress. I thought it was perfect. Or maybe a little too fancy? Before I left the room, I grab a black clutch bag, dangling earrings, and  my black sparkly high heels. As I slowly walked out of the room, Harry stood up. He looked pretty surprised to see me in his dress. I stood there with my head down feeling shy.

"Summer.. You look, amazing." he said to me in his soft, deep voice. I started blushing. I didn't say anything, so Harry walked up to me and cupped mis hand on my face. "Hey, you look beautiful babe, there's no reason to be shy about it." His sweet words just blew me away. It made me feel like there's only me and him in this world. I kisses him. Again, his lips were so soft against mines. He was gentle, not rough. He back away. I didn't want to stop, but I did understand that he says it's time to go. 

I thought Harry was going to drive me there but he rented a limo! I mean, a limo!

"Harry, are we going to be going in a limo?" I asked with my eyes wide open. I couldn't take my eyes off the limo, I was too shocked.

"Yup, my parents wanted the best for you so "they" rented the limo." he told me opening the door for me. "Ladies first." I smiled and walked right in. It was like a 10 minute drive. When we arrived, it was a mini cruise boat, not a normal restaurant on land. I hooked my arm into Harry's. He looked at me and smile. I gave one back to him, but even bigger. We walked in and went all the way to the sky deck. Only then, I realised that there was only one table with two seats. 

"Uh Harry," I said walking to the table. He pulled my chair for me to sit. He's always the gentlemen type of guy. He didn't answer me until he sat down.

"Yes? Is there anything wrong?" he replied. The waiter poured champagne in our glasses.

"Um, where're your parents?"

"Well isn't it obvious they're not here?"

"Ha. Ha. I'm serious."

"They're not here. They're not supposed to be anyways."

"But you said I was supposed to be here to meet them? Isn't that right?" I was getting nervous. Why am I here alone with him. What's going on? Harry drank his champagne and hesitated to respond. He then grabbed both of my hands and looked me in the eyes. He finally spoked.

"I was going to tell you after dinner but I just can't take it anymore. Happy 1 Year Anniversary Summer."

"Aww.." I didn't care that he remembered the anniversary. I just couldn't believe he did all of this for me. Everything seemed so perfect. I guess that was what he was going for anyways. We did nothing but looked each other in the eyes.

"So.. what are we having for dinner?" I asked him leaning back on my chair. He leaned back as well.

"I already pre ordered everything. The food here I heard is the best so everything is all good."

"Ok.." As I was waiting for the food to come, I looked around. The whole sky deck was surrounded with white candles with different heights. The railing around the boat that was protecting us from falling were arranged with those christmas lights. Not the big ones with colours and stuff, the skinny glassed ones. They were also white. Everything was just so beautiful. Harry and I then started talking about how our day was and how he arranged this whole date. I didn't tell him that I had done something for him as well. Well at lease not yet I will. Maybe when we get home.

The food came. It was steak, with mash potatoes and a little bit of mixed vegetables at the side. It looked so good.

"Mmm.. Steak! My favourite!" I said tilting my head while smiling.

"I know. Well, bon appetit." I started laughing and shaking my head. We started to eat. Oh how delicious the steak was. So juicy and tender! Harry just knows me too well! The dinner so far was wonderful. We talked, and laughed. I was having such a wonderful time. I could also see in his eyes that he was also having a great time. After we ate, the dessert came. It was brownies. They were garnished with berries and powder sugar. It look so beautiful that I wanted to instagram it, but I didn't since this was supposed to be a romantic date. I used my dessert fork and sliced it. As I was about to put it in my mouth, I realised something. I immediately put it down and pushed the plate away.

"Babe, is there anything wrong?" Harry asking me looking ever so worried.

"Um.. there's nuts in here.." I said awkwardly.

"What?" Harry check my dessert, even though his dessert is the same as mines. "I specifically asked them no nuts whatsoever. I'm so sorry. I know how allergic you are are." I took Harry'es hand.

"It's alright. That was a close call. You don't want me to start sweating, turning red, and have a swelling tongue will do you?" I said. We both laughed. He finished his desert. I looked around, still admiring how beautiful the sky deck was. Harry got up and walked towards me. He pulled out his hand for me to take it.

"I want to show you something." He said as I got up. We walked to the front of the sky deck. It was the city.

"Harry," I was breathless. "The city is just so beautiful with all the lights." Harry smiled.

"Not as beautiful as you." he told me. I turned around to kiss him. He took a deep breath. "You know that I love you right?"

"Of course Harry."

"Well, I have loved this entire year being with you. You are the only reason why I ever wake up every morning ever since I met you. I love how you always lie in my arms every night when I'm around, I love your sweet scent, I love how you could never get mad at me.." he stroked my hair, and my eyes were just glued to his. "I love you so much and I know this is so sudden but I want to be with you. I want to be your forever. I want to be your last love.." my heart started to pound. My blood was bubbling inside of me. Is he going to do what I think he's gonna do? "Summer Clark," he bent down on one knee, and pulled out a small silk box. He opened it. "Will you marry me?"

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