full moon

Vanessa tucker moves to holmes chapel, a small town in chesire. she meets a curly haired boy with a twinkle of mystery in him. she realises he has a secret but what is it? then she meets a boy with blonde hair and falls in love. but hes hiding something to. soon vanessas caght in a love triangle between the two boys she cares about most


2. school

"you ready nessa?" harry asked me. I nodded my head. today was going to be horrid. new school. yay. I absoloutely loved my old college. I had friends, I was popular. who am I kidding, that's all a lie.  was a total freak show. no doubt I would be here aswell. I currently had one friend here in holmes chapel and if im perfectly honest I expect it to stay that way. we passed a massive house on the way.there were quite a few cars parked in front. the house itself looked really nice and modern. whoever lived here was obviously quite rich.

"NO" harryshouted as we passed the house

"whats up harry?" I asked and put my hand on his arm. it was boiling hot. I quickly pulled my arm away and saw it had gone red. 'is that even possible?' I thought to myself

"nothing vanessa. we're here. see ya later" he replied a little harshly. he practically kicked me out of the car and I found myself standing outside my new school, alone. a boy with a buzzcut came up to me.

"hi you must be Vanessa the new girl. im liam. do you want me to show you around?" the boy asked

"umm no thanks im sure i'll manage" I replied. what was I doing. I had the chance to make a friend and I lost it

"oh okay, well if you wat someone to sit with at lunch come find me. my mates are really nice, they'll like you" he replied

um okay. I might just take you up on that offer" I replied before he walked off. I went to the front office and got my timetable. my first lesson was drama. I was actually quite good at this. I walked into the drama room and found about a dozen students staring at me

"um hello, im Vanessa tucker, im new here"  I told the teacher.

"oh hello Vanessa. you will be partnered with mr Tomlinson over there" the teacher replied pointing to a boy with brown eyes. he was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with red braces and red chinos. he was also wearing a pair of toms. I went over to him

"hi im louis Tomlinson but you can call me Jennifer" he said holding his hand out. I took his hand and bfore I knew it he was pulling me in for a hug

"hi louis, im Vanessa but you can call me nessa. that's a nice look you've got going on there!" I remarked and he smiled

"thanks its my signature look. you know stripes, braces and I think im a tomaholic" he replied and this time I smled

"tomaholic?" I questioned

"yep, tomaholic, addicted to toms" he replied. we were given the task by the teacher and we started working on it. louis was actually realy good at drama. I couldn't help but smile everytime he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. he really did look amazing. why is it that everyone im meeting here looks great. I mean harry looks amzing, so does louis and also that boy liam in the car park earlier. the bell rang and louis looked at my timetable

"you have English next. you have it with zayn, he's a mate of mine. tell him you know me and he'll sort you out" he said before walking off. I managed to find my way to my English class and once again I had to introduce myself to the teacher

"well theres a spare seat next to mr malik there" the teacher said pointing me to a boy with slightly tanned skin and black hair done up in a quiff. he looked amazing as well. did any boys in holmes chapel not. I looked around the classroom and decided that the answer to my question was yes. clearly I had just been extremely lucky

"hi im Vanessa"i said as I sat myself next to him

"zayn malik" he replied

"oh your zayn. louis told me to introduce myself to you. something about you two being friends" I said

"oh well, if your good with lou, your good with me" he replied and we started chatting and doing the work. he was really nice and everytime  got confused about something he would explain it to me. he would make a really good teacher. hes just so relaxed and gentle and calm about everything. English finished and I made my way to the lunch hall. I found liam sitting there and I went and grabbed a seat next to him. 3 boys made their way over to us. 2 of them I already knew

"nessa" louis called and gave me a hug

"um hey lou" I replied awkwardly hugging him back

"I missed you" he said

"its been an hour!" I remarked

"yeah but still. it was the longest hour of my life!" he pretended to whine. I  smiled

"I see your settling in already" liam said with a smile. all 3 boys sat down. louis, liam and zayn started talking. I couldn't take my eyes off the other boy. he had blonde hair done in  sort of quiff, his eyes were the brightest of blue yet something mysterious lurked underneath. he puzzled me. he stared back at me. he put his hand on my arm and I felt shivers go down my spine. his touch was icy cold. I looked up and saw him staring in my eyes. I noticed something that puzzled me ven more. his eyes no longer seemed to be blue. they were a golden colour. more beautiful than the richest of gold objects. he caught me staring and quickly turned his head. when he looked back his eyes were bright blue again. something told me that it really happened but part of me thought it was a trick of the mind. maybe I was imagining it.but even if I was imagining it I hadn't imagined everything else. how cold his touch was. the complete opposite to harry this morning.

"im niall" he said. his voice was amazing. he had an irish accent and it made me almost shiver. I don't know why but it made me feel something inside. although all the other boys might be perfect in so many ways none of them made me feel like this

"how does it feel to be back then nialler?" louis asked

"its okay" he replied before turning back to his food

"we're coming next time!" zayn said and a faint smile escaped nialls lips.

"im sure simon will be okay with that" niall replied. I sat there picking at my food.. niall placed my hand on me again. this time it didn't feel cold at all. I was sure I didn't imagine it last time.

"are you okay Vanessa" niall asked

"how did you know my names Vanessa. I haven't told you!" I replied. I saw liam shoot niall a death stare

"I just know these things" he replied before turning back to his lunch. I looked down at my plate and tried to figure this all out. harrys boilin hot skin, nialls eyes changing colour, ice cold skin, knowing my name without me saying anything. something was definitely going on.



hey guys thanks for taking the time to read. i'll update as much as possible. cant do anymore tonight as its late but i'll probably do more tomorrow. thanks guys love you all xx

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