Property of Harry Styles

"Come On!" I yelled "Quiet Down." He said starring at me. "I'm not staying with you! I swear I will find a way out of this!" He chuckled a bit before looking at me again. "You will NEVER be able to leave, Get that through your head Sweetie." I glared at him before balling my fist and punching him in the jaw. "Yes I will." He looked up at me holding his jaw, I could tell he wasn't the happiest person alive. He stood to his feet and grabbed me, throwing me against the wall. "Don't you ever do that to me again." He yelled grabbing my throat. "You are Mine, and I plan on keeping it that way! Got it!" He screamed in my face. I nodded quickly, and he let go making me fall to the ground. "Your My Property, you do what I say when I say it."


11. The Dream

Kit's P.O.V

"Mom? Jasmine? Dad?" I yelled not knowing where I was. "Kit." Someone said making me turn toi them. It was my sister, but at the same time she didnt look like herself. She had a pail face and Piercing Red eyes. "Jasmine? are you okay." I asked slowly walking towards her. "Stop!" She yelled making me jump a bit in fear. "Your, not my sister.." I stuttered feeling tears start to roll down my cheeks. "and your not mine!" She screamed. "We Never wanted you Kit...Your the reason Mom and Dad are dead!" I looked up at her and started to cry harder not trying to fight back the tears. "I'm sorry." I mumbled. "Why were you born? You cant do anything...Your usless." She said coming closer to me. She stopped infront of me and bent down to look me in the eyes. She slowly walked behind me and stopped. "Your not my sister.." She whispered in my ear. I turned my head to look at her but she was gone...I put my hands in my palms and tried to stop crying. "Kit...Baby look at me." Another voice said making me look up. I smiled whipping my tears and wrapping the figure in a hug. "Mom...I'm so sorry." I said as she kissed my head. I looked up at her, and she smiled at me. "No Kit I'm Sorry." I looked at her confused before she pulled me off of her. "Kit we've lied to you for so long..." She said before disappearing. "Mom!" I yelled starting to cry again before someone new showed up.

"Who are you?" I asked trying not to seem like I was crying. She just smiled and started walking away. I ran to catch up with her and walked beside her waiting for her to speak. She stopped and looked at me still smiling. "You have to help us." She said before disappearing. "With what?" I yelled confused by what was happening, It couldnt be happening in real life...I thought before someone else showed up. It was another girl but smaller and she looked a lot nicer than everyone else.

"Hi." She said in a peppy voice. "Hi." I said confused. "I'm Cassie!" "Kit..." I said still confused. "Your going to help me." She said smiling at me. "With what?" I asked. "Well there is no easy way of saying this but...." She stopped. "Your friend is going to have a terrible...accident." "Which Friend." I asked worried even though I already knew who it was...Because she was my only friend... "Marzia..." She said making me choke on More tears. "Whats going to happen to her?" I asked before she grabbed my hand. "Just remember everything happens for a reason..." She whispered. My eyes opened quickly as I saw Marzia looking at me. "Bad dream?" She asked in a concerned voice. "Yeah...I guess so." I said before slowly getting up. "I'm gonna go get a glass of water." I said starting to leave the room. "Okay." She said before I bolted down the stairs. I grabbed an empty glass and filled it with water before quickly taking a sip. "Hi." I familiar voice said making me turn around. "Oh my god..."


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