operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


5. save the day

zayns POV


I wake up and its two days after niall was kidnapped, I think, I race out of bed and get the lads out of bed

"lads wake up we need to save niall" all the boys are eating

"lets get ready to go get the girls who took niall" harry says and races upstairs to get ready, we follow him

we get in the van and I start tracking niall's phone with my tracking system, we race to the house niall is held  in, we run up to the door and bang on it several times, the girl who was talking to niall answers the door, harry pins her against the wall and the rest of us run inside

"niall, niall" I scream running upstairs, the other girl runs out in front of me and pushes me back confused, I fall to the ground  and just stare at her beauty, I hear Liam calling me and she runs to push him back as well

"let me go" she screams as Louis picks her up and almost trips over me

"go Lou, go get niall" liam cheers on as Louis runs to the room at the end of the hall, he throws the girl down and she hits her head on the wall hard, I crawl over to her to make sure she is alive

"niall come on, we're here to rescue you" lou runs into the room


niall's POV


I just look at lou after he barges in here trying to get me out, then I see marie, with zayn looking at her carefully, I can tell he likes her

"but I don't want to lave, I chose to come here, just looked like they kidnapped me so I had an excuse" Louis just stares at me like i've gone mental

"what" zayn says as he walks into me new room

"I want to stay here, plus I have fallen in love with ann, she is just perfect" Louis slaps me in the face, as if I was put in a trance, zayn pulls him back as I rub me cheek where I was slapped, ann runs in and I hug her, I see a bruise on her neck

"ann, who hit you" her face is stained with tears

"harry did, but I hi him first, blame me" she buries her face in me shoulder

"don't worry, i've got you" I whisper in her ear as zayn starts screaming me name

"what zayn" I say really pissed off

"are we taking them with us or no" I look down at ann, she smiles at me

"yes, grab marie and lets go" I pick marie up and run her out to the van, zayn takes marie, he sits with her the whole ride home to the flat we rented


ann's POV


when we got to the flat I follow niall up to my new room, right next to his, zayn takes marie into on at the end of the hall, niall leaves me with an ice pack and water to let me sleep

"see you later babe" he says to m as I cuddle up in the sheets

"you too" I say and close my eyes and drift off to sleep


zayns POV


after I put marie in bed I kiss her on the forehead, I tuck her in and walk out of the room and close the door, niall jumps on me and scares the crap out of me

"holy crap niall, don't do that" he starts laughing and I push him

"zayns in love zayns in love" niall chants and I run downstairs and onto the couch, niall follows me still chanting, the lads walk in and join in

"ok now shut up, you guys think im in love" niall jumps on my lap

"noo, I saw you kiss her, and the way you looked at her earlier" I blush and the lads pile on top of me and giving me kissy faces

"ok, ok, I like her" I admit, but apparently It isn't enough for them, they start yelling 'zayn and savannah'

"you love her" louis says kissing me on the cheek

"ok i do, now would you leave me alone" ann walks down

"what are you guys doing, i could here you from in my room" the lads laugh

"zayn likes marie, we saw it" harry says

"aww, im telling her when she wakes up" ann says

"no, don't" she runs back up an down the hall, i try to get up and follow her, but the lads hold me down, i try to scream but liam covers my mouth

"zayn likes you zayn likes you" i hear ann saying


maries POV


"zayn likes you zayn likes you" ann screams in my face

"oww, you don't have to scream" i shout back, she laughs and pounces on top of me

"but zayn malik loves you" she shakes me hard

"i heard you the first time gosh" i push her off of me

"come down stairs right now, i can prove it to you" she pushes me off of the bed, i hit the floor with a thud

"stop hurting me, i was hurt enough already" i get up and lazily follow her downstairs, half way down i slip and roll the rest of the way down, i land on my back and groan in pain

"are you ok" liam asks me

"perfect, this is one of the reasons you don't wake me up and make me walk down stairs" liam pulls me to my feet and drags me over to a pinned down zayn, i laugh a little and rub my eyes

"is this what you brought me down for, to see the result of four against one" they laugh and i look at ann

"no, it is not, we were going to try to  get zayn to say he loves you right in front of you" she smiles and hops onto zayns lap

guys, if he doesn't want to he doesn't have  to, let him do it when he is more comfortable doing it, you feel me" i put my hands to my chest

"but its more fun this way" louis says

"i don't think it matters if its more fun or not, it matters whether he is going to say it or not, on his own time, im going back upstairs, and let him go" i start backing away to the stairs, they release zayn, he runs over behind me

"hide me" he says grabbing my shoulders and ducking down behind me

"zayn stop it" i snap, he lets go and runs up the stairs

"now lets get him" they  start running for me

"stop it, just leave him alone" i block their way to the staircase

"fine" they give up and sit back down on the couch

"thank you, im going to bed, night" i say

"night" they all say in unison

i look for zayn in his room, but he isn't there, then someone grabs me around the waist, covers my mouth, and retreats to my room

"zayn" he closes the door quietly behind us

"im not comfortable sleeping in my room tonight, can i sleep on the floor in here" he sets me down and gives me a pathetic puppy face

"fine, but why do you want to sleep on the floor" i ask confused

"i didn't think you would let me sleep in the bed with you, i mean, um" he stammers and blushes, i laugh

"the bed is huge for me, i used to sleep on a couch every night" i giggle at zayn

"so, i can sleep with you, i mean, this is not going like i wanted it to" i laugh even harder this time and fall on the bed

"no its fine, come on" still laughing i crawl into the bed, i get on the left side, zayn crawls in on the right

"are you sure, i don't wanna"

"its perfectly fine, now go to sleep" i interrupt him, he shrugs and turns over on his side so he is facing me and closes his eyes

"goodnight beautiful" he whispers, i just look at him

"goodnight" is all i can say, i turn over so im not facing him and close my eyes, grateful this day is finally over

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